Monday, July 07, 2008

Thought of the Day

The problem with Republicans is that they fail to live up to their ideals. The problem with Democrats is that they do.


Discriminator said...

Democrats and republicans or the right wing and the left wing are both wings of the same ZOG plane with the Jewish pilot about to eject before he crashes the plane. Most folks live their entire lives in a fog of illusion, barely awake. They believe as they are supposed among the approved choices. It did not take me long to figure out that con servatives were (at the leadership/higher levels - not at the level of the masses) a phony insincere opposition to the liberals, and that the 2 party system was just a sham game to fool the stupid masses into thinking they had real choices. Both parties are bought and payed for by the same folks. When it comes to what is most important - the anti-White agenda - every candidate from both parties is in 100% agreement. In some areas the con-servatives pretend to be pro-White in low key code type ways but that is just trickery. Notice how the republicans will lose seats and control of congress going against their voters on issues like legal/illegal immigration. Notice how republicans & con servatives support policies that are leading to demographic changes that ensure the death of con servatism in this nation and the republican party? Unless that is - the republican party stops pretending to be opposition to the democrats and stops pretending to want to be fair or care about White people. The republicans even pushed for statehood for Peurto Rico even though that would add a slew of new democrat congressmen and 2 new democrat senators. Under FDR and his unconstitutional expansion of Gov. and his policies that worsened the economy and extended the depression the nation was comming out of as he was swore in for his first term - the republicans did not expose FDR and his sickness. The citizens of the nation - other than the less than 1% of the population that saw him close in person - thought FDR was a strong man, since that is how the media portrayed him, especially in political cartoons. The republicans let him win 4 elections even though if they exposed him as a cripple that could die at any moment he would not have won one time. They talked a good game about being against FDR's insane policies but did not really try and stop him. They had their orders from the same click that pulled FDR's strings. PHONY opposition. And not very good in terms of policies even if they were sincere.

Whoa! said...

Discriminator makes excellent points but is WAY off base about "the anti-White agenda." As he wrote, this government is not in control, but the agenda from those in power is anti-all-us-peons. Allowing illegal immigration for decades has served to equalize the U.S. and Mexico economically in preparation for a North American union.

Discriminator said...

Well Whoa if the rulers and the Gov. are not anti-White why is there massive legal discrimination against White people in the corporate world and at all levels of Gov. even though most White people oppose the discrimination? In all non-White nations the majority (or ruling race since sometime a minority rules like in old Iraq or Canada, Europe, USA)race discriminates (legal and otherwise) against minorities and shows preferential treatment to the dominant race. In all White founded nations White people are discriminated against at all levels by law. In most nations in Europe it is much worse than hear in terms of being anti White. In order to rule the rulers must control the media and high finance (banking, money supply). It is easy to prove those areas in Jewish hands in all White founded nations and it has been that way for many many many decades. Every Federal reserve bank is in Jewish hands. Every Federal reserve chairman has been a Jew since the get go in 1913. Virtually all media is in Jewish hands and has been for decades. Who is it that it is most forbidden to criticize? In fact it is considered evil not to support them always. I know that it is not politically correct to criticize and spew hatred to any group but White people and then it is encouraged. But it is anti-semitism that is the greatest evil supposedly. It is always the rulers that are not to be criticized. In China that is the communist party. In Iran you can criticize the president and Gov, but not the ruling Mullahs that control the media and finance. Sematism is favoritism for Jews yet to oppose that is considered a huge evil. Semites causes anti-semitism. Rulers normally indoctrinate their masses to consider the ruling click special and holy. For White folk ever since Jewish created and promoted (promoted ONLY to their enemies - US!)Christianity conquered us we look to a fictional Jew as the best example of motherhood and a fictional Jew as the most holy living god and we consider Jews to be god's chosen (favorite) ones, and we consider it a sin to oppose the Jews but that we will be blessed by god if we support the Jews. Just so happens Jews wrote and promoted that crap to us. So clearly there is massive evidence that the rulers of this nation and Gov. is hostile to White people and pushing ideas (especially via media and schools) that are benificial and showing favoritism to non-Whites. Even on immigration that is about 90% non-White. There are tens of millions of White folk from around the world that have wanted to come here but they are only able to do so via lottery with very few slots available while massive preference is given to non-White people. The US has employment shortages in certain fields like teaching and nursing and their are many White people skilled in those areas from around the world that want to come here but are denied so that we can take in welfare recipients to be and criminals to be and low skilled workers we do not need that are non-White.