Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama Questions

"How do we keep ourselves safe and secure while preserving our liberties? How do we restore trust in a government that seems increasingly removed from its people and dominated by special interests? How do we ensure that in an increasingly global economy, the winners maintain allegiance to the less fortunate? And how do we resolve our differences at a time of increasing diversity?"

Barack Obama asked these questions in a recent speech announcing his patriotism. I will take a shot at answering them.

#1. We keep ourselves safe by confronting/addressing threats to our safety. We do not negotiate with those who wish to undermine our safety and security. We don't worry excessively about the liberties of those who intend to harm us.

#2. We don't worry too much about whether or not we trust our government. A bit of mistrust has been earned by our government. We restore trust by reducing the potential gains sought by the special interests. We do so by reducing the size and influence of government, thereby increasing the freedoms formerly enjoyed by our citizens.

#3. While "having an allegience to the less fortunate" is a laudable sentiment, it is not the role of government to enforce any such allegiences.

#4. We resolve differences at this "time of increasing diversity" by not favoring one group over another. Rather than create favored groups and unfavored groups that would pit citizens against one another, we should treat all individuals equally under the law.

I think Obama would answer his own questions quite differently.


Discriminator said...

#1. Iran, Afghanistan, & Iraq are not serious threats to the U.S. Mexico and China are, but only because our treasonous rulers have allowed them to be threats. Yes we must confront serious threats to our safety. But who is the "our"? Israel? All U.S. citizens? Well since we are a mixed race nation our citizens have conflicting interests that are often very hostile to other racial groups. That fact is demonstrated over and over again as it is with the Obama situation. Con servatives can pretend the world is blind to race all they want but reality rules over foolish wishful thinking. So to keep White people safe and secure, or better - just to look out for our interests we must cleanse the nation of all non-Whites after overthrowing ZOG rule. If it is negroids and mulatto's to be looked out for then an entire different set of goals would be pursued that would be very hostile to other races. Many such policies that are hostile to Caucasoids are already in place. If it is Mestizo's to be concerned with then the invasion must continue and even intensify. The point is there is often not a common good especially when competing (enemy) races are involved.

#2. We can trust that this ZOG will do all that it can to destroy the White race. It has been a long term world wide plan that is in it's final century and near success. The Gov. must be destroyed or we will be destroyed.

#3. No it is not the role of Gov. or sane individuals to ally themselves with others just because they are less fortunate. Other rational factors should be used for deciding alliances. It is not a laudable sentiment (allegiance to the less fortunate)but rather an insane (christ insanity) one.

#4. Differences that are genetic/racial can only be solved by either eliminating races, breeding races out of existence via miscegenation (that is happening to ONLY the White race which is only 10% of the world population & dropping fast - 33% in 1920), or by racial separation. All racial groups will naturally advocate for the best interests of their race. Only White folk have been indoctrinated to go against the natural healthy protective racial instincts of racial loyalty. Different races will be against each other most of the time no matter what, since we are natural competitors or even enemies competing for the same resources. One can be foolish and dream of a perverted la la land where all citizens are treated the same but reality rules. Each race will try and get Gov. and or Gov. officials to treat them special & they will vote for individuals that will do so. Each race will vye for power. As it is now Gov. treats all non-Whites special and even women. Only White males are actively discriminated against by Gov. at all levels and by the corporate world as well. It will only get worse as White political power that was foolishly wasted on our enemies gets weaker.

Discriminator said...

As far as keeping White people safe - it is non-Whites here that are the major threat, by far - not opponents in Iraq or anyplace else. More White people are killed here every year (over 1,300 -60,000 from 1960 to 2000)by negroids/mulatto's alone than are killed in Iraq every year. They have not feared our ropes for a long time and consider violence against us to be a civil right. They rape over 30,000 White females per yr. They violently attack over 1 million of us each year. Throw in the Mestizo's and other racial groups and it is clear a race war has been going on for decades with only one race not fighting back - the White race.

Most crime is "black" on White yet it is black on black that gets all the concern. Imagine a White politician saying he is concerned with White on White crime or even black on White. I guess in this nation White lives are valued less than all others. Only White folks are discriminated against at all levels of Gov. by law, and in the corporate world as well.

If our ZOG rulers were really concerned with the threat from Middle Eastern terrorists (besides the biggest terrorists in that area - Israel) they would have really sealed all of our borders, stopped most all travel from the breeding grounds of those Middle East terrorists, stopped all legal immigration from those same nations (instead immigration has increased since 9-11 from Saudi Arabia and Iran ). Talk about homeland security while our borders at home are not secure and while we allow enemies (potential terrorists) to immigrate here - is a sick JOKE a serious one.

Notice the news about Zimbabwe? All the pictures of negroids hacked up by other negroids that we are supposed to be concerned about. Yet no media coverage showing all the White folks (especially farmers) that have been hacked to death since "black" rule there in 1979. Tens of thousands have been butchered with a complete media blackout here. That nation used to be wealthy when it was under White rule and named Rhodesia. The same is the case in South Africa with even more Whites having been butchered and a complete media blackout.

The Jew media does not want us to see what happens when our treasonous governments sell us out and when we become small minorities and other races get the upper hand because we give it to them. The same thing happened in the first and oldest "black" ruled nation is this hemisphere. It used to be the Jewel of the French colonies until 1801. Under black rule every White man women and child was butchered. It used to be rich and called San Domingo. Today and since 1801 it has been a hell hole slum called Haiti.

conscious thought said...

Discriminator, my thoughts exactly, you couldn't have illustrated it better!

Let's keep white people safe! At ALL costs!