Friday, September 12, 2008

Prep Time for Obama

I got a call just now from the Obama campaign. The caller was a local woman seeking volunteers to call undecided voters. For some reason the caller admitted to me that she was a RUSD teacher using her prep time to make her calls.


Anonymous said...

It's one of those win-wins - waste time at school so you can claim that you are so overworked that you had to take work home. Later you can justify your outrage that you're not paid more.

Yes this was Pariah Jeep -

Anonymous said...

How yuh doin - my name's Vito Vatigliano and I repersent WEAC. We don't mess around wit no idle trets uh intimidation like boycotts (a note to any intellectuals reading this - wouldn't a "boycott" be etymologically sexist and against WEAC policy anyway). If yuh don’t cough up some dough for our organization I’ll be down wit a 26 inch aluminum tah break yer neekaps.

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on Kay's Blue Racine recently. The thing that struck me about her post was calling Gov. Palin an "over breeder." I would like to know which one of her kids Kay thinks Palin should not have had. And should she have a really late term abortion now.
I did not know there is a limit on how many kids people could have, well, I know about China, but not here.

Denis Navratil said...

Well Serp, how many carbon spewing offspring do you plan on infesting our planet with? Nip it why don't you, unless you can train them to be liberals of course.

Anonymous said...

And so RUSD policy allows the use of teacher lounge phones for political purposes during the school day?

No wonder they need a referendum for a "phone bank" and unlimited minutes for calls!

Keep your political activity for your personal phone and non-school time!

Anonymous said...

And keep your buttons, signs and campaign shirts out of school. That is unprofessional in any workplace, especially one where you are teaching children and funded by the taxpayers.

Obviously, I'm not referring to dividing the bulletin board down the middle and putting signs and literature from both campaigns up as an educational tool. I mean the blatantly partisan displays which some teachers put up or wear.