Monday, July 06, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry readers for the lack of postings of late. My excuse - working a fair amount and enjoying summer when not working.

Yesterday I rented a Jet Ski at North Beach. Great fun I have to say. Perhaps readers recall the recent fuss over Jet Ski rentals at the beach led mostly by neighbors concerned about noise. Much ado about nothing IMHO as you can't even hear them if you are standing on the beach. Besides, the vast majority of Jet Skiiers are not renting them at the beach anyway.

Also fun is kayaking on the mighty Root River. Kayaks can be rented at the 6th Street and the river, Thursday through Sunday for the absurdly cheap (and subsidized) price of $5 per hour.


Anonymous said...

Denis, did you notice if there is a half or full day rate for Jet Ski fun?

Anonymous said...

Hey, give a call this morning or sometime this week if you want to eat lunch - I'm thinking Yokit!

Colt said...


The REC has a fear amount of youth helping to fix up that area as well as others around town.
Theses kids are gang busters
Stop by talk to Ben buy a membership (Cheeper rates on rentals etc)