Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Profiling Double Standard

A Racine man carrying a firearm was arrested in Madison after refusing to produce identification that the police demanded to determine whether or not he was a felon.

In other words, the man was profiled as a potential felon because he was engaging in the legal act of carrying a firearm.

Not to worry folks. Any minute now President Obama will scold the State of Wisconsin. Soon the federal government will sue the state for profiling. Demonstrations will break out throughout the country for the unfairness of it all. States will refuse to do business with Wisconsin. And finally, we will plead guilty to the United Nations civil rights commission and beg for forgiveness.


Downtown Brown said...

He not only stood up for his 2nd Amendment rights he also exercised his 4th (Search & seizure) and 5th (Remain Silent)Amendment Rights.

I hope they invest the cash settlement and re-invest into future legal actions. If my fellow citizens were smart they would tell their State Rep's and St. Senators to pass a law permitting Concealed Carry. The crazy 62 y.o. B*tch actually called the cops on the 5 men in the room who were protect her!

Hey Lady ever been to church in Brookfield at the Radison? If one of these 5 guys had been in that church the shooter would never have pulled the weapon. and if he had he'd be taken out by the gun-touting "Crazy" you wanted to have investigated.

Anonymous said...

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