Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tea Party Protesters Lack Diversity

I just came back from Racine's Tea Party gathering. I will leave it to the mainstream press to accurately characterize the event and the participants. I want to focus on the protesters.

I was struck by the complete lack of diversity among the five protesters. They were all young white males. There was absolutely no representation from women, blacks, or Latino's - can't be sure about gays- I'm a don't ask kind of guy. Speaking of homogeneity, their hand held messages were uniformly devoid of original thought. "If you can read this, you're smarter than Sarah Palin" and "go home racist sexist homophobes" and similar deep thoughts.

On second thought, they did use a variety of bright and cheery colors for their hateful messaging.


Don said...

Dennis-its only considered hate speech if you are conservative-get with the program ;)I guess they failed to notice that the speakers were white,black, male and female...

Anonymous said...

LOL...i forgot the token sole brown face in the crowd speaks for all brown faces nationwide. Really?

Is race, ethnicity and sexual preference really a non-issue within the Tea Party? Why were event organizers asking attendees to tone down the usual radical rhetoric and refrain from the usual absurd and offending signage that is synonymous with tea party rallies?

Real Debate said...

Why are the left cowards always hiding under anonymous tags?

Come on, be proud of your position, tell us who you are!

By the way which of the three African Americans, two who spoke live, one via video was the "token"? I'm sure they would like to add it to their resume. (Sarcasm off)

Caledonia Unplugged said...

Anonymous - let me just articulate what's probably obvious to 99.9% of Denis' readers: IT WAS SEPTEMBER 11TH! There was a request to tone down the rhetoric in respect for those that lost their lives - the event was also a tribute. Guess you've forgotten already what happened on 9-11? Sad.

Anonymous said...

REAL need a REAL diet plan.

And oops my fault, i accidently left out the 2 other tokens, so there were 3 altogether who represent the millions of brown skin folk right.

3 speakers, but zero in the audience. interesting.

Sean Cranley said...

The TPs were selling T-Shirts that read "Where Is Lee Harvey when You Need Him?"

Cuz ya know Obama has commited so many atrocities that he deserves to be assassinated and that would be a good thing and would tear the country to shreds.

Yeah nuthin whacky, extreme, ignorant or hateful about the Teabaggers!

Hey Real Debate, either that's your REAL name or you're a hypocritical Mr. Pot calling the anonymous Mr. Kettle black.

Downtown Brown said...

Gee Sean..I missed you at the rally..where the private business button sellers were selling whatever they chose. I can tell you sean our group invited the Dem's and their candidates to be at our event..Not a single one showed up. I can tell you and Mr. Anon Racine TEA Party brought a FREE event to the most diverse city in Wisconsin, we brought our FREE event to the most centrally, easily accessible place in the City.. and still the majority of minorities DIDN"T bother to even show up and listen. We had a diverse group of speakers on our stage. Men, Woman, young old, and representing many ethnicities. From Pacific Islander, Hisp African American.. All "RACISTS" from the "Human Race", as Niger Innis referred to it. I saw a few Dem's in the crowd..and that was refreshing, and I personally went up to the 6 young Poster holders and thanked them for coming, I told them I respected their views, and their signs were not "censored". I did shake each of their hands and mentioned I'm sure they were disappointed to find that there were no known racists at the event. But Denis's point is BRILLIANT. they weren't diverse at all!!!
To Alex and his 5 buddies. some day when your as smart as Sarah can vote "Conservative" too. We'll see you in 3 years when the Unified indoctrination wears off, and reality hits you in the face.

Anonymous said...

I was just laughing my way through anon 7:01 and realized Seany, the true litterbox stink boy, posted something. Was it intelligent? Hoo HAHHHHHH!

Sean Cranley said...

Yeah Brownie, the private vendors were selling items they thought would appeal to whacky, extreme, ignorant and hateful Teabaggers like shirts advocate assassination of our President.

And Why on earth would you expect Democratic candidates to show up at a Republicon Party Event?

and of course the event was FREE. It was sponsored by the Greedy Oilygarch Party (GOP) backers the very oily Koch brothers. Where do you suppose that big screen and the PA the pink elephant came from, the grassroots? Ha.

Yeah Alex when you're as "smart" as Half Gov Palincomparison, you'll be able to see Michigan from Racine!

Anonymous said...

I kmow - I know. Back off - he's a geologist. I can see him bringing home bags of petrified dog crap from the beach because they look like meteorites.

Chris from Racine said...

Anon 7:01 Why is it that those on the left have to use nasty personal attacks? Seriously? A Read diet plan? Grow up.

And obviously you weren't in attendance...besides the three "token" African Americans who spoke, there were MANY in the audience. Just look at some of the crowd shots.

Y'all who speak with no facts to back it up make it far too easy!

Sean Cranley said...

Dear CFR I assume you take equal offense at the following splashes of rhetorical brilliance from Anon-On-The-Right?

5:26PM: ". . . Seany, the true litterbox stink boy . . ."

5:10AM: "I can see him bringing home bags of petrified dog crap from the beach because they look like meteorites."

Hey Anon, Coprylites is actually the geological term you need. Look it up.

Btw: I've looked at the shots of the crowd a couple times now and I sure as heck didn't see - "MANY in the audience."

Anonymous said...

Seany - been down to the beach lookin' fer meterorites? They caused by dat global warmin' stuff - duh antropomorpic kind -