Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kay's Bad Religion

I have been making the point, at Kay's Blue Racine, that dehumanization is the intellectual foundation upon which the pro-abortion argument is built. Which prompted this challenge from Kay:

"Denis, the thing about being human involves, for most people, the concept that all humans have souls. Another widespread belief is that God is omnipotent. If God is omnipotent then why would he put a soul into a cellular mass or a fetus that is not destined to be born? Are you questioning God's wisdom? Can you explain why a soul would be created not to have the ability to experience a single breath on Earth?"

Allrighty then. Let's break down Kay's theology here. Humans have God given souls. God knows all. God will not give a soul to a cellular mass that will be scooped out and discarded in the garbage bin behind the abortion clinic. Therefore, that cellular mass, without a soul, is not human. Therefore again, it doesn't matter what is done with said cellular mass. When abortion occurs, it is because God wanted an abortion.

Now that does rather convincingly prove my original point about dehumanization does it not? According to Kay's religion, a pregnant woman is carrying a soulless cellular mass. When you make that appointment at the clinic, you are doing God's work.

Kay's is a truly scary religion. Everything is known to God and part of the plan. Anything whether good or evil is part of the plan. Basically, anything goes in Kay's world since it is part of God's plan.

Ironically, Kay goes on to accuse me of playing God, as follows:

" I firmly believe that people like you are trying to play God by taking away free will from women who may die from a forced birth, lose the ability to have more children in the future or have been told that their fetus is so deformed that it will either die inside them or within minutes to days after taken from their bodies. Who are you to make those decisions for another person? What about women who cannot mentally cope with giving birth? Do you claim to be able to see into their hearts and minds? Is that not playing God? Or at the very least assuming you have a God like ability? "

Kay's accusations are ironic because, if you believe in Kay's religion, if I am indeed playing God, it would (like abortion) be known and approved by God. And I am accused of "taking away the free will from women." What free will? There is no free will with predestination. We are all going to do what we are going to do and it is because God wants it that way.

Now who is playing God here, Kay or me? In Kay's world, a woman who does not abort her child gives birth to a human with a soul. The child, oops I meant soulless cellular mass, that is aborted didn't have a soul anyway. Note that gift of a soul is entirely dependent on the woman's abort or not decision. It is the woman that decides whether the soulless cellular mass becomes a human being. The woman is playing God.


Real Debate said...

Why do you continue to try and argue with a crazy person?

Denis Navratil said...

Fred, if all the world dismissed Kay and her ideas as crazy, then I would agree that it makes no sense to engage with her. However, Kay is or at least was a player in local politics. So her ideas (or at least ideas she agrees with) impact our lives to a great degree. Isn't the upcoming election a battle of ideas at least to some degree. So if I can convince just one post-soulless cellular mass to reject Kay's philosophy/religion, it will have been worthwhile.

Preachrboy said...

Abortion - the holy sacrament of liberalism.

Nemo said...

Kay has passed from crazy to scary. By discounting free will with her "If God is omnipotent then why would he put a soul into a cellular mass or a fetus that is not destined to be born?" quote, she opens the door to...

" not destined to be an adult?"

" not destined to be happy?"

" not destined to be productive?"

and many, many more.

She breaks the ground for the "elimination" of any person or people she doesn't like and sleeps well knowing that she is just doing "God's work".

kay said...

Here's the great irony.
The idea of predestination (whether someone is predestined by God to live or not or have a soul or not) is quite prevalent in the Southern Baptist Convention stemming from their Calvinism roots. It's actually quite the debate that goes on in that church.
So, you can call me crazy but I have only repeated arguments made by the very same organization responsible for bringing ultra-conservatism to the mainstream.
Further irony is that same religious controversy has sparked what many of us see as the prime example of cognitive dissonance within people who say their beliefs are unquestionable.
The idea of predestination is not limited to the SBC either. So, there are quite a few people around who struggle with this concept unlike you people who seem to have no qualms about being all knowing sans any theology degrees or direct contact with God. Unless, of course, one of you has receieved your very own stone tablet with solid answers to the world's most perplexing questions and have just not shared it with the rest of us.......

Denis Navratil said...

Kay I realize that predestination is not your original idea. However it is frightening nonetheless. Basically any behavior can be seen as approved by God.I can understand its appeal to anyone who wants to kill children and feel guilt free.

Zeus said...

I was told by the Angel specifically not mention my stone tablet..So I won't.

Anonymous said...

We should all give up all of our money to the government for redistribution because the Earth is going to crash into the Sun someday anyway, right?