Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WW Sean Cranley Do?

Whenever you challenge the pro abortion crowd, as I have been doing recently at Kay's Blue Racine, they inevitably bring up the small percentage of abortions that pose genuine moral quandaries, such as when the pregnancy is caused by rape or if the life of the mother is at risk etc...

So I figured I would present an atypical abortion decision and see if abortion is acceptable to Sean Cranley et al under the following hypothetical circumstance:

Husband and wife are expecting their fourth child, a boy after three girls. Everything is going just fine with the pregnancy until wife discovers that husband had an affair. She files for divorce and tells anyone willing to listen that she will not give that good-for-nothing husband the boy he wanted. She even posts on Facebook her intent to abort the baby to spite her husband. Should this be legal Sean?

Husband files suit, wife makes appointment for the abortion. The fateful day arrives only the little fellow doesn't cooperate. Actually, he's just a little lucky. The abortion doc only crushes the jaw and shoulder and misses the brain. He's still alive when the husband rushes in with a duffle bag filled with cash accompanied by the world's most reknowned pediatric surgeon eager to save the boy. The abortion doc doesn't know what to do so he calls the Chief Ethicist at Burlington Secular Progressive Hospital, one Sean Cranley.

We already know what our president would do. He would nudge the little boy (or delegate the task) into the red biohazard bin. But WWSCD? Go ahead Sean, play god.


Sean Cranley said...

Addressing through parargraph three, I would say that the woman has a legal right to do what she is doing, but that it's morally wrong because she's doing it for one bad reason alone, vengeful spite.

If on the other hand she was doing it because she didn't believe she was going to be able to handle the prenancy and support four children on her own while going through a divorce, probably moving, possibly getting a job, well then that's a set circumstances that only she can fully evaluate and make a decision on. The government should keep it's nose out.

The rest of the post is just too stupid and ridiculus to bother with.

Urban Pioneer said...

Prez Obama and Russ Feingold would be willing to chase the baby around the clinic with scissors and scalpels until it was dead..even though the Mothers life, nor health were in danger or effected at that point. It sounds silly I know.. but both BO and Russ the Maverick were involved in public discussion, (Russ on the Senate floor), and actually supported the death of the child even after it successfully made it past the vaginal "goalpost".

It's not about choice..it's about the right to kill your mistakes!

Mother Earth gave birth to 33 Chilean miners within today. If any of the miners mothers or wives of these men didn't want to deal with them because it's her choice should the men be left to die in the mine?

I see Kay posted a nice collection of Latin terms today on her post. Trying to justify her pro-embryo harvest point of view..by calling the "unborn" everything but human. She didn't add Soul to her list.. maybe soul isn't Latin.

Caledonia Unplugged said...

May I suggest this video for those that believe abortion should be legal under any cirumstances.
Gianna Jessen

BTW, Mr. Cranley, I'm an adoptee, born to a Polish refugee from the holocaust. I thank God abortion was not legal in the 50s. Just imagine, a poor young woman who'd lost most or all of her family, had recently come to a foreign land, probably didn't speak the language very well, yet was somehow able to endure a pregnancy and find the proper channels to put her baby up for adoption. What's the excuse for today's society?

Chris from Racine said...

When I was 25 yeaers old I placed my son for adoption at birth because I was in an abusive situation. I could've taken the "easy" route and destroy his life. Fortunately, I didn't. He is now a soldier serving overseas and has given me a beautiful daughter in law and grandson. Was it difficult? It was the most difficult thing I've EVER done - there's NO going back on that decision. But then again once you destroy a life, there's no going back on that either.

Anonymous said...

In addition to his PhD in Islamic and Koranic Studies, Sean Cranley also holds a medical degree from Gateway Technical College. he is ALSO working on a masters degree in meteorology from the universityofhismomsbasement.com

At least Sean is only stupid - Kay is twisted.

conservative force said...

I would like to reply to Sean Cranley regarding his statement "The government should keep it's nose out". Mr Cranley should this then not be true for all of the socialist ideas that the liberal push onto us, such as Obamacare, Cap and Enslave , Welfare Cell Phones to name a few. It seems that the government, according to liberals, only interfers when they find it to be a good scape goat for their socialist agenda.

David said...

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