Thursday, October 07, 2010

Spoiling for a Dog Fight

Kay at Blue Racine has a lengthy diatribe about aggressive dogs that morphs, predictably, into the dangers posed by Sarah Palin and her followers.

According to Kay:

Their problem is that at some point she may take that group of people to the point of no return in regards to behavior. How soon before we see a surge of shootings of gays? Afterall, Sarah thinks they're sinful and immoral. Abnormal. Is it easier for someone who might not want to kill someone they can identify with to kill someone they believe is born of Satan and isn't even "normal"?

My response to Kay:

Yes, probably. However, the best justification to kill is to claim that the victim is not even a human. I have heard them called "potentials" on this site (Kay's Blue Racine). You don't have to worry about a wave of such killings because we are already awash in their dead bodies.

I now await the gnashing of teeth, baring of fangs etc... in keeping with the aggressive dog theme.


Real Debate said...

When you enter into an argument with a crazy person you are not likely to get a civil response.

Denis Navratil said...

True Fred. I am attempting to make a larger point, using Kay's own words. It is true that it is easier to kill after dehumanizing the victim. It is of course the left that has used a dehumanizing strategy to justify the killing of innocent babies. I thought her post presented an excellent opportunity to make the point, not that she will make the connection. Rather, we should expect, well, a rabid dog type response from the left.

Nemo said...

So far I somewhat agree with you RD, the only hole in your comment is the use of the singular "person". The plural "people" would have been more accurate.

Very entertaining so far Denis!