Monday, August 15, 2011

Bush To Blame

I nearly laughed out loud when listening to Don Rosen's radio program this morning. He and another liberal were talking about Obamacare while trying to figure out any reasons why conservatives were against it. All they could come up with was that they opposed it because Obama favored it. Really Don?

Here's one. How about the breathtaking assertion that the federal government, for the very first time, can force individuals to purchase a product from a private company.

I have a question or two for Don Rosen. Why is it that you are unable to accurately summarize a conservative argument? Did George Bush do this to you?


Nemo said...

To date, I'd add an unconstitutional assertion. Further showing that the wild liberal sees the constitution not as a protection of the people from the power of the government, but as an impediment to their greater schemes.

Real Debate said...

Rosen is simply the worst person on local radio. Last week he apparnetly wanted a conservative to call and explain why they wanted to destroy the country. (Not being in favor of tax increases is apparently destroying the country in the mind of Rosen)

Anonymous said...

Why do you even bother with Rosen? I have never heard him, but from your comments, he seems like a left wacko.
What more to say?

You have so many other more meaningful issues. Like the local sentence of only 5 years in prison for a hit and run death, second DWI. Not much value put on life, eh?