Monday, August 22, 2011

Cranleyism Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fascism is here, says Sean Cranley in a JT commentary. If you manage to ignore the usual blather - comparisons to Mussolini etc..._ that make up 95% of the screed and search hard for the scary facts, well, here they are: Robin Vos is apparently chairman of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) Wisconsin and he attended their national convention.

There is so little "there" there that it is no wonder Sean has to hyperventilate about fascism, secret organizations run by scary corporations intent to "take power away from the people and enact laws favorable to mega-global corporations" blah blah blah.

Last time I checked, people, via voluntary association with others, still have the right to petition their government. That is what ALEC and virtually every other lobbying outfit does. It is true of course that some such associations have undue influence that is harmful to society - government unions come to mind- but the real problem with ALEC is that Sean disagrees with their agenda.

To which I respond with a big Hitleresque yawn.


Tim the Shrubber said...

Heh...this time you are right on the mark. Sean definitely seems off his meds in the commentary...of course his Blue Racine posts are little better.

Anonymous said...

Dude is several fries short of a happy meal.

Anonymous said...

Did Obama not speak at the annual AFL-CIO convention?
Did Wirch not have his victory party at da union hall?
What is this Sean guy talking about??

Anonymous said...

I wish people with a cerebral cortex got more attention than Seany. Society drools over every move a Kardashian makes yet what did any of the best 20,000 scientists do recently? Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I missed out on his commentary. Too bad, eh? Sorry, but did I really miss anything? (Turning really purple trying not to laugh!)

Sean Cranley said...

You think this just relates to Robbin Vos? HA!

Wisconsin's ALEC Members
(This list is incomplete, let us know if you find more! #ALECexposed)

Wisconsin Legislators With ALEC References in Blue Books
Sen. Donald K. Stitt – (R) State Chairman of ALEC (1987-1988) - Member 1991-1992 and 1993-1994

Rep. Susan B. Vergeront – (R) WI Chairperson (1989-1990) maybe (1991-1992): ALEC Task Force on Empowerment, Family and Urban Planning and ALEC Legislator of the year (1991)

Rep. Marc C. Duff – (R) (1991 – 1998)

Rep. Annette P. Williams – (D) ALEC's America's Outstanding State Legislator Award (1990)

Sen. Mary Lazich – (R) ALEC member 1993-1998

Rep. Timothy T. Hoven – (R) ALEC member 1995-1998 - Task Force Commerce and Economic Development 1997-1998

Rep. Michalel D. Huebsch – (R) ALEC member 1995-1996

Rep. Mark A. Green – (R) ALEC State Chairman 1995-1998

Sen. Jeffrey T. Plale – (D) ALEC member 1997-2010

Gov. Tommy Thompson – (R) ALEC's Thomas Jefferson Award 1991

Sen. Neal J. Kedzie – (R) ALEC member 1999-2010

Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald – (R) ALEC member 2001-2011

Rep. Bonnie L. Ladwig – (R) ALEC member 2001-2002

Rep. Steve Wieckert – (R) ALEC member 2003-2004

Gov. Scott Walker – (R) ALEC member 1995-1998

Rep. Judith Klusman – (R) ALEC Task Force on Telecommunications and Agriculture

Sen. David A. Zien – (R) ALEC member 1995-1996

Rep. Scott Suder – (R) ALEC Criminal Justice Task Force Co-Chair 2002-2004; member 2002-2010

Anonymous said...

If someone farts in the forest and no one else is there to smell it. . .

Denis Navratil said...

Wow, elected representatives belong to an organization! A political one at that!! That promotes conservative ideas!!! This is an outrage!! There goes the country!! Armageddon is upon us!!!

No, sorry, can't really muster up any outrage over this. Yawn.

Nemo said...

Elected representatives acting as if free assembly is Constitutionally guaranteed? Outrage!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really distinguished group based on your list, Sean. Wouldn't mind hanging with them one bit. Thanks for your hard work (at cutting an pasting off one of your thug websites.) How do I join up?

Sean Cranley said...

Oh there are a lot more names where those came from.

Look, I know if I say something is black and back it up, you clowns will proclaim it's white because, well you say so. But did any of you genious' actually explore the information in the links I provided? I doubt it. Remember the JT only gives you 250 words, not much room to expound on any complicated issue in any detail and that is where the devil lies.

If you had you informed yourselves, instead knee jerking you wouldn't credibly call what is going on with the Fascist American Legislative Exchange Council (FALEC) petitioning the government. This is corporations BECOMING the government, writing the legislation to serve their interests, not yours and have it secretly (until now) enacted in states across the nation. You may think that is O.K. (I don't), but you should at least know about in the interest of informed consent of the people, a little concept the founders were big on.

Another mistake Denis made was saying that I made comparisons to Mussolini. Not true. I used Mussolini, the founder of fascism, to define fascism, which he said should be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power. Which is EXACTLY was is going on here.

Did you guys know that Robbin Vos, like his counter-parts in other states, has a state FALEC co-chair who is an industry executive, whose role is to ensure the Vos enacts the FALEC legislation as he has sworn to? The Co-chair's identity is kept secret. Why do you suppose that is? It ain't on the up and up.

What else do you suppose you don't know? Aren't you curious?