Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama's Successes

Ages ago, after enduring endless rants about President Bush, I would ask, "Has he done anything right?" It was about the only legal technique to silence a liberal at the time.

With the tables turned and with an unpopular Democratic president, I will ask the same question. Has President Obama done anything right?

My own answer is yes, I love that he has whacked Osama, and today the Yemenese/American Al somethingorother and remember the Seals taking out the pirates? Not nearly enough to garner a vote from me, but its something.


Nemo said...

He kept the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp open (and populated!).

He did not abandon our efforts in Iraq (troops still there to seal the victory).

He pumped more troops/treasure into our efforts in Afghanistan to try to bring about a victory.

Most Americans agree that these major foreign policy decisions by the current administration were done right and kept us safe, just ask sean. Heh.

Sean Cranley said...

Yup I agree on Iraq and Afghanistan, We can't just walk away and leave an unstable mess.

I'm not uncomfortable with Gitmo as long as the prisoners are treated humanely.

I do however, have to point out that Americans now overwhelmingly (66% to 33%) call the attack on Iraq a mistake:

Btw, I DID agree with Bush on some things. I'll have to jog my memory and get back to you on that as well as my list of Obama successes accomplished despite the universal filibuster that is the Republicon contingent in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he got Bin Laden - using the tactics and procedures the Bush administration implemented, the same tactics and procedures his buddy Holder is still trying to prosecute people for. And as for Butt Boy Seany, just remember that pacifism is a luxury that is paid for by warriors. I won't be reading your response so enjoy as always!

Anonymous said...

1. Obama campaigned smartly and got elected, sending a signal to the African-American community that a significant portion of the white population is willing to vote for a black man for the highest office of the land. After this election and decades of civil rights and affirmative action laws/policies, it's time for African-Americans to move beyond the centuries of Jim and Crow and slavery to participate as citizens rather than victims. Move on now, America offers you more opportunities today than you'll likely get anywhere else, anytime. This is our opportunity to finally get approximately 15% of our population to fully participate. Gains from a talent pool that big will be a big positive for all of us. Obama's election signalled it was time to move on.

2. President Obama pushed the discussion on our health care system. He has attempted to get millions of people out of emergency rooms and into primary care, to prevent family bankruptcies due to pre-existing conditions, and to continue health coverage for young adults up to age 26. Plenty of problems with the health care law he signed, but he advanced the discussion on what had become a big problem for millions of American families.

Anonymous said...

By turning sharply towards Socialism within minutes of entering office, he can take credit for the rise of the TEA party. Folks of all political persuasions were agahst over the destruction of our country as we know it. Forced purchase of health care, government medling and take-overs of car companies, MASSIVE government growth and constant class warfare cries have awakened the sleeping giant. That's a good thing, but a crisis we could have done without.

Sean Cranley said...

I'm not completely sure which Ano I'm responding to here and ones a complete whacko while the other is just poor at presenting reasoned argument supported with evidence. But I can't resist here. Soooo I'm a butt boy and a pacifist? This is pure whackadoodle make-believe, completely unsupportable by ANY evidence. Just makin shtuff up as ussual.

The other Ano I think says "By turning sharply towards Socialism within minutes of entering office, he can take credit for the rise of the TEA party."

Once again I'll will, in vain ask SomewhatrationalAno for EVIDENCE of "socialism" by Obama. COME ON ANO, at least make an attempt for once!

As for the astroturf teabaggers, they are responding to Obama's race, the call of their GOPropagandists minders and their deep seated "qualities" of ignorance, indifference and ill will.

Geez Denis! I would think you'd be embarrassed by the pathetic thrashings of these "Denisons" of your blog. What I don't get is how for months now, you've tossed the puck out on the ice with your original post, only to let these three inept guards act as your defensemen.

I sure do enjoy gliding past their malevolent manuverings and slamming it home, over and over again.

I know, maybe you could hire a ringer!

Nemo said...

Am I one of the three "guards" you speak of sean? If so, please explain to me how 0bama having the federal government of the United States owning a car company is somehow now socialist. Come on, dance for me monkey boy. Heh.

Nemo said...

"now socialist" should be "not socialist", sorry.

Hope that mistake does not put me on the die list by President Zero's death panel. Heh.

Sean Cranley said...

Thanks for the softball, your ineptness. And thanks for pointing out one of President Obama's successes.

The federal gov't did not take over an entire private industry with the aim of permanent ownership and centralized control and in a socialist state.

The move was taken as a temporary measure to prevent the collapse of GM and Chrylser in the throws of the great GOPcession. Such a collapse would have destroyed businesses up and down the supply for entire automobile manufacturing industry and crushed American manufacturing in general.

Millions more Americans would have lost their jobs, their homes and their investments. The great recession would likely have become a great depression.

The government has since sold over half of the shares it originally held and is looking to unload the rest. Meanwhile, GM is do well, posting profits that last 6 quarters and still empoying people to make stuff here in America.

Success? You betcha. Socialism? Mmmmmm nope. Nice ineptness Nemo!

Anonymous said...

"As for the astroturf teabaggers, they are responding to Obama's race, the call of their GOPropagandists minders and their deep seated "qualities" of ignorance, indifference and ill will." What a clown you are. But you distilled every cynical lefty rant into one paragraph. Let's look at this point by point.

Astroturf? Nope, I speak for myself. Nobody is backing me, unlike you Soros/union thug types.

Teabagger? How intellectual. You're gross.

Race? The only race we care about is the race off the economic and diminished liberty cliff that Socialism brings. Herman Cain at least ran a business and created jobs. Your guy is a disaster.

Propoganda? Take another look at your own blog, as well as that manifesto you just printed in the JT.

Ignorance? We state quite clearly we stand for lower taxes, less spending, more freedom, less regulation - all of which are under attack by Democrats. We obtain our info though alternative media because we know mainstream media is in bed with you. We can articulate our views without clanking cowbells.

Indifference? How do you explain 3,000 people standing in a frozen field in Franksville, singing patriotic songs and applauding personal integrity? Without smoking dope or wearing patuli perfume? And we picked up after ourselves, instead of leaving a cesspool behind like you did to the Capitol. Shame, shame, shame!

ill will? Fixing the budget by dealing once and for all with the unsustainable structural rot instead of raiding segregated funds, jacking up taxes and ignoring the problem is perhaps our finest hour, and the blueprint for the rest of the country. Except, of course for the FIBS to our south. They'll never learn, and continue to make our case for us every day. Had we not ignored knobs like you, we could have been just as bad off.

Anonymous said...

"The move was taken as a temporary measure to prevent the collapse of GM and Chrylser"

The bond holders and stock holders got screwed, including your own 401K if you have one. Had they been allowed to fail, they would have shed the unsustainable legacy pension and medical costs and re-emerge leaner. None of that was accomplished, nor have the taxpayers been made whole. But the union came out great, as the new owner. And a half-dozen or so Chevy Volts have been sold. Whadda ripoff! Obama is no Steve Jobs.

Anonymous said...

I take it that the boil-on-the-ass-of-life called someone a teabagger. Why is it that an activity used by gay men, one of the groups to whom liberals constantly preach acceptance and tolerance, can be used as a derogatory term? Doesn't the teabagger insult actually denigrate a group that truly does not deserve denigration? Can a liberal call someone a fag or queer or dyke too if it suits their whim at the moment?

Nemo said...

You really think that buying GM stock at $80 and selling it at $35 is a "success" sean? (Heh)

I must have missed that class where it was explained that it's not socialism if it's "temporary". Could you please cite your source on the amount of time owned until it can be labeled socialism?

Sean Cranley said...

Then there's Obama's success with helping to remove the terrorist Gaddafi and hopefully put Libya on the path democracy and resposible statehood all at a cost of 0.1% of the attack on Iraq, with no American deaths and in less than one year as opposed to 9 and counting.

Nemo said...

I wouldn't call successful any operation that could include "our worst nightmare" X 20,000.

sean, you missed Obama's secret "Kill List" which has been very successful in exploding traitorous Americans into chunks of quivering meat without the bother of evidence, judges or trails. Very nice, eah?

Anonymous said...

@Nemo. All Socialism is temporary. But it eventually degrades into either Communism or Nazism. Don't expect Sean to pull his fingers out of his ears long enough to explain how taking over car companies, throwing out the legitimate market owners of stocks and bonds, illegally firing the management team to put their own thugs in place and "redistribute" ownership "to its rightful owners" (the unions aka "the poviders of labor") isn't Socialism. Heh.

Nemo said...

Anon, you and I (and history) agree that all Socialism is temporary. I don't expect sean "Koko" cranley to dig his ideological grave any deeper after his last "quick change the subject" comment. Heh

Sean Cranley said...

Another Obama success is that through Obamacare, young people can stay on their parent's health insurance through age 26. Cuz in Merica today the jobs available to our young people that provide benefits are vanishingly few, IF they can find one at all in the throws of the great GOPcession.