Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Not Vigilance?

I am glad its 9/12. I can't stand looking at pictures of the burning World Trade Center, people jumping to their deaths etc... still too raw and probably always will be.

Why 9/11 inspires some Americans to lecture us about religious tolerance is a mystery to me. There is only one religion that should use the occasion to lecture its members about religious tolerance and that religion is Islam. It was people inspired by their Islamic faith - correctly interpreted or not - who hijacked airplanes and used them to kill innocents. The battle for tolerance must be fought within the Islamic religion and I stand with all Muslims who condemn the evil perpetrated on 9/11. And I will be damned if I will have tolerance for those who thank Allah for 9/11.

I propose we stop talking incessantly about tolerance on 9/11. It would be far more appropriate to talk about vigilance. We need to physically stop anyone or any group that would perpetrate 9/11 style evil against us. We must also be vigilant in confronting the philosophical underpinnings or justifications for such evil. And those justifications and religious rationalizations are found to varying degrees among far too many Muslims in this world. Vigilance rather than tolerance is the proper response to such a threat.

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Anonymous said...

We could start by gutting the TSA, roll it back to its original mission of identifying real threat, and privatizing the roll of airport security. Another bloated fed program run amok. Part of the reason we are constantly assaulted with cries for "tolerance" is because those in power are too weak-kneed to call out evil for what it is. And it isn't grandma or your four-year old daughter getting on an airplane. If we can profile killers and solve cold cases, we certainly can profile those who intend to cause us harm. The sad truth is that particular profile hasn't changed a wit in decades.