Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Saving Jobs

Perhaps you have heard that Democrat Governor Bev Perdue has suggested canceling the 2012 elections. Some partisans are seeking to make this a big issue of course. As for me, I think she is merely trying to help beef up Obama's "jobs saved" numbers.


Anonymous said...

I love it. If Bush ever tried to put out this notion of "saved jobs" he would have been laughed out of the room. Yet this administration plucks a number out of thin air, and presents it as fact. Then you have 'ol Bev who in an unguarded moment tells you her true feelings. Suspending elections is an excellent way to dodge the enevitable accountablilty that liberals will face soon. Why not suspend the Constitution as well, for as much as it has been raped in the last couple years. After all, it is such an inconvieniant roadblock to progressive utopia

Sean Cranley said...

Where were you when the war criminals Chainy and bu$hyboy were shredding the Constitution?

Did you speak up to object? I doubt it. That would require objectivity and integrity. First get rid of the login your own eye. Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

You have a hard time staying on point. The post was about saving jobs, as was my responce. My statements were true. But to your hackneyed point: Bush's war acts were enacted after countless UN "resolutions" along with resolutions from congress. YOUR guy illegally acted in Libya, with zero congressional oversight.

Denis Navratil said...

Sean is rather predictable but even I didn't anticipate that Governor Perdue's comments were somehow Bush's fault.

Sean Cranley said...

Ano, If I'm off point it's because I responded directly to YOUR comments. You brought up bush, you brought up Obama and YOU brought up the Constitutional shredding.

BTW, I was not refering so much to the attack on Iraq which they lied us into, but rather portions of the PATRIOT ACT, warrantless wire taps and torture (cruel and inhuman punishment.

A finally the notion that Perdue was seriously suggesting we postpone elections is just dumb. But then you guys'll jump on just about anything your ideological minders tell you is the word for the day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BTW, the ONLY guy that voted against the Patriot Act was your patron saint... Russ Feingold.


You are seriously sinking, Fiddy.

Sean Cranley said...

Is that a response Ano? Who voted for it or not is a diversion.

Do you think torture is Constitutional?

Do you think all elements of the PATRIOT ACT are Constitutional? do you even know what's in it?

And please do elaborate with factual evidence about how the Constitution "has been raped in the last couple years."

Sean Cranley said...

I'm still waiting for evidence here Ano. Not that that's surprising at all, but rather par for the course.

Got evidence?