Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nuisance Schools

The City of Racine is looking to crack down on nuisance properties, namely those that require frequent and costly services from the police department.

My guess is that the three biggest offenders, though not all in Racine, are Park, Horlick, and Case high schools. Somehow I doubt the new ordinance will apply to those offenders.


GearHead said...

Can they also crack down on nuisance protesters who invarably leave a pile of trash behind in their wake? Because it is usally the people who are the problem, not the property. But that would force us to be judgemental, eh?

This is a knee-jerk response that once again unfairly slams the property owner for the actions of tenant/residents and/or customers, IMHO. I shudder the thought of giving the city another "tool" to hammer us with.

Denis Navratil said...

Properties don't commit crimes, people do.

TSE said...

It's being directed at The Place on 6th., and to cover for mistakes made by Chief Whalen in handling Park 6.

From CCAP -

City of Racine vs. Thomas J Holmes et al

Racine County Case Number 2011CV003249

"The court did not issue an injunction against the respondent in this case. The reasons were stated on the record and may be explained in the final order. No adverse inference should be drawn against the respondent when an injunction is denied or a case dismissed. The fact that a petition was originally filed means nothing."

LOL. Racine didn't want to get SUED - again!

See what Chief Whalen did wrong here: http://www.scribd.com/kcollins_schulz/d/49455898-Complaint-Against-Racine

It does make one wonder - would this ordinance shut the ENTIRE City down?

Of course - it will be SELECTIVELY enforced - it is a Big CLUB.

Racine does seem to be having some problems with Bars and alcohol -

The Public Safety and Licensing Committee Meeting on Mar 26 at 5:30p.m. should be interesting - Look at all the Speakers:


They will also be talking about the proposed nuisance ordinance at that Meeting.

Link to Ordinance: http://legistar.racinenet.org/detailreport/Reports/Temp/3142012114121.pdf

After the City selectively uses it a few times - and they will, someone will sue the City for discrimination - win - and they will write something new - while you pay for it.

Racine is truly Leaderless.

TSE said...

The Link to the Racine County Courthouse case works.

The City of Racine Links won't work. How to get there:

Go to City of Racine

Click on Legislative Calendar

Click on MINUTES for Public Safety and Licensing Committee, 03/12/2012for list of those to appear for problem bars/alcohol noncompliance.

Click on MINUTES for Common Council, 03/06/2012, starts at page 29, for new nuisance ordinance.

Sean Cranley said...

"Properties don't commit crimes, people do." Sounds a lot like something I've tried to get through the fog of your indoctrination:

"Schools don't fail, students do."

Anyway Denis, this has to be one of your dumbest posts ever. You can do much better.

Anonymous said...

More accurate, Sean Cranley, would be,

"Schools don't fail, the administration, teachers, parents, and students do."

GearHead said...

"Schools don't fail, students do."

Cranley gets it wrong again. But still, a weak argument is better than no argument.

Schools certainly DO fail, when run by incompetent teachers and administrators, overseen by an incompetant board of directors.

Schools certainly DO fail (and actually crumble) when adminstrators always cut the maintenance and repair budget first, in order to satisfy never-ending union greed that was "bargained" for. Hahahahahah.

Schools certainly DO fail, when attention is always given to ill-advised referendums that fail under their own weight.

But just for fun (and to make your head explode) here is another one:

Guns don't kill people; people kill people.

TSE said...

One of the issues it raises, and I'm not going to search for the quote, is that Freedom and Liberty are only for a self-policing people who have an internal sense of right and wrong and respect themselves and others.

When a Nation has strong private property rights and enforces them, it teaches respect for orderliness. That is now gone.

In 21st. Century America ownership is nothing, control is everything. You are forced, under the threat of confiscation of property you "own",to fund things you find repugnant and destroy your own self-interest.

The schools are a zoo because human beings were allowed to come into existence, using your money, who otherwise would not have. Those who created these children had no means to do so, and would not have been successful in a Nation that did not subsidize failure.

You have failed Institutions and Failed Leaders because you have allowed Failed Policies to be instituated, under the guise of "Equality for all", which has now created an equally Failed Nation.

Failed Nations go into the dustbin of histroy and the World is littered with the remains of their Civilizations.

Clearly Racine has failed. LOOK at the Law Enforcement budget, the jail, the crime, and the laws.

One of the WORST things about the nature of public education is what is shared between students - The dysfunctional children from dysfunctional parents teach your children dysfunctional behavior, while they are still young enough to not understand what they are learning, and how it will hurt them in the future. I know I did.

Good parents ask their children - "Where did you learn that from" - and the answer is invariably the same - Public School.

Do you like that? Perhaps not - but for some it fits their agenda. If you want to have strict control over a society with endless laws and police - teach it to be criminal.

The laws of Justice irritate some - and genetic pre-disposition is part of the equation - political correctness be damned.

RUSD can only continue to fail the larger and more powerful it grows. It is a NUISANCE in every sense of the word.

The public schools need to be abolished - and a return to neighborhood schools with high levels of parental involvement required is what needs to be done.

You truly can't afford public education in every sense of the word. Which is why PARENTS need to be in control of their childrens education, and NOT strangers.

Public Education = Stranger Danger!

TSE said...

Rally for Personal Responsibility and Government Accountability!

Kenosha County Courthouse, March 21, 2012, 12:30p.m.

Rally to raise awareness about those who would abuse taxpayer funds to finance their personal intentional tort defense!

William Bielefeldt vs. John T Dickert et al

Racine County Case Number 2011CV001078

Branch 3, Courtroom 203, 2:00p.m.
Judge Bruce E. Schroeder.

Dennis - I'll call you later in the afternoon. I have extra seats available in the Mini-Van....

Sean Cranley said...

Well we start out with Gearheaded wanting the government to "crack down" on the constitutional right to assembly.

Then at the end we feel the hate. Feel its heat, bask in its demon gleam!

First we get the obligatorily rote recitation of hate for educators from Gearheaded, Mr. Dependability.

But it REALLY plummets from there with the TSE exhorting for "orderliness", (Ja volt!) followed by this broadly brushed dreck:

"The schools are a zoo because human beings were allowed to come into existence, using your money, who otherwise would not have. Those who created these children had no means to do so, and would not have been successful in a Nation that did not subsidize failure."

Complete BS of course, people procreate, it's what they do, one might almost conclude its biological/genetic.

There's some more drivel and then this gem from the TSE: "The laws of Justice irritate some - and genetic pre-disposition is part of the equation - political correctness be damned."

Political correctness? Hmmmmm, oh I get it, for TSE PC is code for not being racist. Well let it out TSE, just clearly say what you believe and stand by it. Put on yo jack boots and shave yo head!

Oh hold out your palm and FEEL the hate! The VERY best hatred of all, genetic hate from the pre-disposed!

So in the light of this gleaming hate, has Herr TSE devised a Final Solution for this genetic pre-disposition portion of the equation?

Inquiring minds are just disgusted.

Arbeit Macht Frei Racine!

GearHead said...

Sean's response was completely predictable and sets up another turkey shoot. He simply can't analyse an argument, so he plays the hate card. Yawn! Wipe the spittle of your chin, dude.

Expecting accountability out of folks that assemble, either "peaceably" or for purposes of procreation isn't hate, it is the responsible thing to do, especially when your actions affect (and create) the lives of others. But yeah, (yawning again) thanks for the most revealing insight into the darkness of your own mind. My goodness!

Sean Cranley said...

By all means Gearheaded, please provide a cogent counter argument. If you're going to claim that it's "turkey shoot" then you should back that. Go ahead then, because your pronouncements immediately above do not qualify as such.

TSE said...

Well Sean, you have no love for the truth, and it irritates you highly - it is to be expected.

When you have nothing intellectual to say, and truth and facts are against you - ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

Racist? Look at Racine - Every decision by the Common Council is sweeping Blacks, er, Coloreds, out of Downtown.

At last nights meeting iti was suggested that instead they buy the Urban League building that is for sale on Memorial Dr. - it was a funeral home before, and it is in a "Colored" neighborhood - I think the term is appropriate because it is obvious Dickert wasn't want a Colored Downtown.

This will be the last time I feed the Troll, Sean.

Consider yourself fortunate to be so privileged.

Sean Cranley said...

Well then TSE, you accuse me of having no love for the truth, but provide no argument and no evidence to back your claim, which quite frankly makes no sense to me at all. It's just an empty statement by an empty TSE.

Let's confront the truth though TSE. Please explain the "truth" about your statement: "The laws of Justice irritate some - and genetic pre-disposition is part of the equation - political correctness be damned. so what is this genetic pre-disposition you speak of? and what's to be done about it in your mind?

Yeah, and you can avoid the truth by calling me a "troll" and then refusing to "feed"/respond.

Nice dodge, but if I'm a troll then so is Denis. I became acquainted with Denis on line through his contrary postings over at Kay's Blue Racine, which is when I started coming over here and posting. So if I'm a troll for posting here then so is Denis for posting at KBR. It's the truth, fair is fair.

AND if Denis doesn't want me to post here he could block me I suppose, but all he need do is say so and I'll leave.

Quite frankly it used to be entertaining, but with the fear and loathing exuded by the likes of you and Gearheaded, it's just getting nasty, disturbing disgusting and pointless.

Sean Cranley said...

Once again we see the blatant inability of Cult of Con indoctrinants to construct cogent arguements to defend their pathetic pontifications.