Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tragic Exploitation

Witness, to dispatcher: Hello, I just witnessed a shooting.

Dispatcher: Did you get a good look at the shooter?

Witness: Yes, he looked like.... well, imagine if President Obama had a teenage son....

Dispatcher: Got it, and the victim?

Witness: Ummm, yah, imagine if the president had a second son....oh no, there is a large crowd approaching!

Dispatcher: Can you describe the scene please?

Witness: Sure, its a large, mixed race crowd carrying signs....

Dispatcher: Let me guess, they look like the president?

Witness: No, he's black. Imagine an Obama/Robinson family reunion at a journalists convention.

Dispatcher: Understood, now what are they doing?

Witness: They are demanding justice and racial harmony.

Dispatcher: OK, I'll send the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson right away.

Witness: No, that never works.

Dispatcher: Then what?

Witness: Well there is an injured black youth remember? How about an ambulance?


Anonymous said...

Hey, just because someone wears a hoodie doesn't mean they're a hoodlum, and just because someone punches a smaller person then slams their head against the ground doesn't mean, oh forget it.

Sean Cranley said...

I've read this three times now and I still wondering, is there a point trying to be made here?

I will say though, that's at least somewhat comforting to think of a tragic shooting where an ambulance might actually be helpful, instead of the kill shots through the heart and lungs that have graced our state and nation of late.

Anonymous said...

Is Seany noting that he has a dual Ph.D. in Racial Sensitivity and Race Relations Stuff from Gateway Technical College?

Sean Cranley said...

Speaking of pointlessness . . .

Denis Navratil said...

Let me spell it out for you Sean. First, I should note that the witness/dispatcher comment never happened. It was pure fiction on my part. My point is that liberals are so eager to seize on a tragedy for political gain that actual victims are largely ignored. That is my point Sean, so now that I have spelled it out for you, you can tell me just what it is that the Rev's Sharpton and Jackson and liberalism generally are really doing for black youths in urban areas. In my view, they are being used for political posturing, power grabbing, and votes, nothing more.

TSE said...

Imagine if white people tried to exploit the Colin Byars murder - a white man, special-ed teacher to be exact, who was murdered by a Black Thug. The murder weapon was... a FIST, attached to an arm.

THEREFORE: We need to amputate Black People's Arms, and thus there fists, thereby removing a deadly weapon, THE FIST, from their possession, rendering them incapable of murdering someone with their fist.


"KENOSHA - A man convicted of murder for a fatal punch during a bar fight was sentenced to 7 years in prison on Monday, with 5 years of extended supervision"