Saturday, March 24, 2012

Racism or Elitism?

RUSD Superintendent Ann Laing stepped in it a bit by making racially insensitive remarks about black families. Since she is a card carrying liberal, she will get through this episode unscathed. And she has apologized. Read the story here.

Basically, Laing insulted black families by pointing out that many were the ones most "prone to enroll their kids in the fly-by-night schools that cropped up after vouchers existed." She went on to add that black families "don't know how to make good choices for their children. They really don't. They didn't have parents who made good choices for them or helped them learn how to make good choices, so they don't know how to do that."

I have some sympathy for Sup Laing because I suspect she is right in many cases. Her mistake is to lump all black people together and assume, or at least incorrectly state, that all black families are basically dysfunctional. That is certainly not true or fair.

Of course much of the case against vouchers and for a monopolistic public school system rests on claims like Sup Laing's. Yes, the public is too stupid to make good choices on education. Therefore we need to limit or hopefully one day eliminate other educational options for children. And this will dramatically improve the funding and the educational outcomes for all our darlings.

I don't agree with the liberal line on public education, but what do I know, I'm just a white guy without an education degree.


GearHead said...

This is hardly news, and just confirms what liberals think about ALL of the choices we make: We aren't smart enough, or nuanced enough, or enlightened enough to make our own decisions. From the cars we want to drive, the housing we want to live in, the food we want to eat, the future we want to save for.

The great unwashed among us are simply too stupid to know what's best for our kids, transportation needs, living conditions, diet and future, regardless of the color of our skin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those unregulated, fly-by-night schools vs. the regulated, excellent ones. The only reason that the regulated ones aren't better is the parents. This will be solved by giving the schools more money.

enicar333 said...

Ann Laing FIRST complained:

Interim superintendent Dr. Ann Laing said, "reforms are happening but it’s rough going in part because the number of minority and low income students in the district has grown…

NOW she is complaining about Black families use of CHOICE.

Let me ask you - DOES Ann Laing LIVE in the ghetto? Has she spent time amongst the criminal element in the ghetto? Wouldn't RESPONSIBLE Black families like to get their children AWAY from the Gangster Culture?

OF course they do - and RUSD is FILLED with dysfunctional children from dysfunctional gangster families whose children learn and share the gangster mentality.

Ann Laing is a SWPL Marxist. The only choice she is for is aborting Black Children!

She has been EXPOSED.

Racine is an open and active hotbed of Racism - so much that while it is being vigrously denied, it is transparent to everyone with eyes to see.

The Emperor Wears NO Clothes!

cclancy said...

There is always someone that is just so stupid they are ignorant to the fact that they are stupid, and she knew exactly what she was saying and that too shows just how backward and underdeveloped Racine "Unified" school district sad to have someone so ignorant in charge...