Thursday, April 26, 2012

Attitude Adjusted, I Hope

I was talking to a lady the other day who held a job at a local prison. Because of her seniority, her job is to process visitors into the prison. Visitors, not prisoners. We got into a bit of a discussion about the effect of Governor Walker's Act 10. It seems that many of the folks at the prison are not happy. I understand this as nobody likes to lose something that is important to them. I pointed out that such unhappy adjustments to reality have been ongoing in the private sector for some time. I even added - tongue in cheek - that I was unable to offer health insurance or pensions to my part time retail employees. To my amazement, she appeared to be genuinely surprised that my employees did not get health insurance or a pension. To her credit she stated that her mother worked for the government, her father for a big 3 auto company, and that perhaps she has taken for granted the benefits that she does receive. On that point, if you think you're getting screwed at your job, but people would line up to take it at half the pay, perhaps you have no legitimate grievance.


GearHead said...

"... perhaps you have no legitimate grievance."

Doesn't mean she won't have an illegitimate grievance. The hysteria continues. Doubt she will vote for Walker, even though she has him to thank for saving her (and countless of her workmates) job(s).

Sean Cranley said...

Denis said; "I pointed out that such unhappy adjustments to reality have been ongoing in the private sector for some time."

Really? I work in the private sector and my benefits haven't been cut. Have you cut your own benefits Denis?

If we are going to expect government workers to feel the pain when Republicons screw up the economy, should they not also expect to benefit when the economy is booming?

Well we all know that authoritarians like Walker need scapegoats. And deftly turned public employees into his scapegoats and laid blame on them while he gave huge tax cuts to those whom he serves, weathy people and big corporations, which he ludicrously refers to a "job creators" in the Republicon jargon de jour.

And the result? Wisconsin lost more jobs last year than any other state, the ONLY state with stastically significant job loss, while the nation as a whole gained jobs.

My prescription, OUSTERITY!

Support Scott Walker, contribute to his criminal defense fund!

Nemo said...

sean, it's funny to note that almost all the job losses came from the City of Milwaukee. As long as they aren't dumb enough to run some doofus that's been in the leadership of that city for almost a decade, dems could pick up votes. Heh.

TSE said...

Insurance is a SCAM! At least the way it is run in America. It is ANOTHER wealth transfer scheme.

It needs to be done away with - and the government has no business running health insurance, or other, schemes.