Monday, April 09, 2012

The Poop Scoop

So I am walking my dog this morning, without a leash per usual, in my semi-wooded neighborhood. He heads for a wooded area to perform #2, as trained. He is about 10 feet into the woods where nobody would ever venture. A fellow walker passes, notices the act, keeps walking another 20 feet or so, stops, turns around and watches, I suppose, to see if I will pick up the droppings. As I see it, I have three options. 1) pick up the turd. 2) get out the plastic bag and pretend a pickup or 3) let stinking turds lie.

I went with #3 because the droppings were in an area where humans simply would not venture. I don't think the lady liked my choice but she did not pursue the matter. Was I wrong?


GearHead said...
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GearHead said...

So, you caved into the "green/recycle" pressure, instead of the poop police looking down their noses at you, eh? The festering doody will eventually break down and fertilize the forest, helping the trees grow and enabling them to suck more co2 out of the air and pump more oxy back into the air. You need oxy, of course, to drive your car and stay warm at night. Oh, yeah, breathing too. As well as having your dog breath. That can't be bad, can it?

The only thing you were wrong about was not flipping off the lady for her unneeded supervision. My bet is she was just as confused over such choices. Liberalism is enough to make anyones head hurt :)

BradK said...


Start with the legal question... is it against the law to walk your dog without a leash and not pick up the poo? If yes, they you were wrong to do so. If there is no ordinance governing it, then in my humblest opinion, you are fine allowing your dog to poo where the raccoon, rabbits, porkypines, skunks and numerous other animals poo BECAUSE there is no "human courtesy" issue.


Tim the Shrubber said...

Damn straight! It is your God given right to spread ringworm, e-coli and such around the neighborhood. Public health issues be damned!

Denis Navratil said...

Thank you GH, BK, and TS for your comments. Brad, I am not sure about the leash thing but I always bring it along in case my dog is about to encounter others of his species on our walks. I would only add that doing something illegal does not always mean, to me anyway, that one has done something wrong.

And Tim, I think you are imagining a public health threat, unless you think deer, coyote, geese etc... crap also poses a health threat. I imagine that might be the case with the geese especially in my hood where open grassy areas frequented by humans are often completely covered in crap most of the year. But please, do tell me how the public health is threatened by a turd in the woods.

TSE said...

You were wrong - because that is where I wander. Dog-poop, like human poop, is different from natural animal-poop - and that included Coyotes.

CLEAN UP YOUR DOG POOP - or don't own one.

BTW - most places where you and your dog wander won't be visited too often by wild animals, or contain a lot of wild animal poop - and wild animal poop IS much different than domesticated animal poop.

Charles said...

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