Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Phantom Constitutional Rights Collide

Could a non-existent constitutional "right" to regulate anything that affects interstate commerce be used to end a similarly non-existant constitutional "right" to privacy? After all, dead children can't subsidize their parents health care costs and are therefore affecting interstate commerce. Could upholding Obamacare pave the way to overturn Roe vs Wade?


Nemo said...

Don't know about Roe V Wade, but Filburn could (and should) be overturned.

TSE said...

Probably not - because Judges and Lawyers have found that they can infinitesimally split a hair. Unless you have that ability, you cannot understand or apply the law - which is why Lawyers and Judges are licensed - and above you.
You know, a LICENSE to PRACTICE LAW! Which they will forever PRACTICE at - because they will never get it absolutely defined - due to the infinitesimal permutations in a case that may present themselves.
You need to disabuse yourself of the quaint notion that you can ever understand the law -
Look at the City of Racine - it's spent over $100,000, and still spending, to defend John Dickert, who the City of Racine has no business defending - yet John Dickert has convinced the City of Racine to spend money trying to embroil the Mayor in this case. It was almost laughable to watch 2 costly and high powereed lawyers from Milwaukee, and one female lawyer from Racine, try to convince a Judge that the City has an interest in a lawsuit that doesn't involve the City, or even name the City, or anyone acting as an employee or elected official of the City. The Judge kept telling them NO, NO, NO, and they kept insisting YES, YES, YES, spending thousand of dollars per hour arguing over what seems like a simple matter.

AND Besides... if the Law made sense and could be easily understood - how would they control you? My suggestion is to try and avoid their courts and laws and only deal with reputable and trustworthy individuals. Do what you must to avoid notice, OR join them.

It's a fine line between a rebel and an outlaw -