Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Equality vs Excellence

Can a society pursue excellence and equality at the same time?


Denis Navratil said...

Darn, no takers on that question, so I will give it a shot. I think equality and excellence are fundementally at odds with one another. By equality, I am referring to the equality of outcome sought by the far left, not equality of opportunity. Anyway, if equality of outcome is the desired result, then excellence must be discouraged. Excellence is rewarded, typically with money, recognition, self satisfaction, or a combination of all three. These rewards result in inequality, as the less than excellent will not receive the rewards. Therefore, radical egalitarianism will seek to destroy and prevent excellence. As our public schools are overrun by leftist/egalitarians, should we be surprised by the poor results that their philosophy demands?

eric said...

Lifeboat ethics dilema, the goal being survival. Two options: 1). Excellence, the strongest kills the weakest, lives off all remaining resources but has diminished combined strength and skills to face obstacles to survival, or 2). Equality, all team together combining strengths and skills to face obstacles to survival, but must share diminshing resources for survival. Which is best?

Denis Navratil said...

Tough question Eric. I suppose I would need more info. It is difficult to know what would or should happen in this scenerio. I think there are a few examples of just this kind of predicament, where canabalism occurred. It is a bit disgusting to even contemplate. But the real world is quite different than a boat where the size of the pie, if you will, is fixed. In the real world, the excellent are not taking a larger portion of the pie, but are rather using his/her excellence to increase the size of the pie. I think that this is a common flaw in the thinking of many liberals. They think the size of the pie is a constant.