Sunday, November 12, 2006

Too Little, Too Late

I don't mean to continually harp on the blatant political partisanship routinely displayed by the Journal Times, but I must comment on their recent stern commentary directed at Governor Doyle. Now that the election is over, the JT decides to point out the scandalous behavior of our governor. That knowledge may have come in handy before the election, but they choose to try to keep their readers in the dark in a transparent effort to get Doyle reelected. I must be old fashioned. I thought the purpose of a newspaper is to report the news.


eric said...

Denis I hear you, but they also ran a 5-cloumn commentary from a local minister opposing the marriage amendment - 3 days after the election. Sometimes I'm afraid it's a lack of competence rather than a conspiracy (as Mike Moore explained to me over the Modine "fired" headline flap).

Denis Navratil said...

Incompetence is certainly part of the equation. But an incompetent paper might innaccurately report the news, or miss key elements of the news, etc... But the JT deliberately sat on the news of Doyle's various transgressions. To me this is worse than mere incompetence.