Thursday, November 16, 2006

Political Correctness 101

This is one post that could haunt me if I ever ran for public office. So, on the outside chance that I do, understand that I am just kidding. So lighten up already. Here goes.

I am concerned about the stigma attached to the term "homeless." A far more sensitive phrase would be "free range humans".


wade said...

I love it. You still get my vote.
How does county board supervisor sound to you.

Denis Navratil said...

I am not as interested in county matters as I was a few years back. But my county sup, Ken Hall, is disappointing me regarding the most recent efforts to go after Mac about phone calls from work. I think we would be better served if he used his accounting skills to figure out how to eliminate waste in the county budget.

Wade said...

Yes, and you should point this out in a nice "lit" piece.

I see that Milton Freidman(sp) died, you must have been a fan of his. I think you talked about him before.

Denis Navratil said...

Perhaps I will express my thoughts at greater length re Ken Hall. And I am a fan of Milton Freidman. I learned alot from his book "Capitalism and Freedom", a book that Ryan Knudson would do well to read, though I suspect he does the same to himself as he does to his students. By that I mean he will avoid considering any viewpoint that does not conform to his leftist belief system. But I digress. I think I will have to read his other book that was cited in the WSJ today, "Free to Choose". I actually learned about Freiman through my readings of Thomas Sowell, another great man who should be a household name.