Saturday, November 25, 2006

Karas on Guns

Several months ago, Racine city alderman Pete Karas took a strong stand against allowing the Racine Police department to accept free gun safety material intended to help keep children safe. And this week, Pete Karas voted against taking a strong stand against a bar that was cited for having, in addition to 21 underage drinkers, three concealed handguns. So, pictures promoting gun safety are bad. Concealed handguns in bars are good. The left is a constant source for amusement, except this one is not funny.


eric said...

I knew Pete in hign school and thought well of him, but haven't spoken to him since returning home almost 5 years ago. I thought the reaction to the 'Eddy the Eagle' coloring books was short sighted and irresponsible, revealing strong bias against the NRA that overshadowed more important factors.

Here's an original idea, although the "conservative" NRA and "liberal" Greenies are supposed to be at opposite ends of the political spectrum, perhaps real leadership could find some common ground for 2 groups that declare strong interests in the outdoors/environment. Does the political spectrum have to be linear, or can it be circular?

Anonymous said...

I don't really think common ground is possible. People will always have different opinions both rational and thought out or completely foolish. The best thing to do to correct this problem is run-off voting, a weak federal government, and more direct democracy with ballot referendums - sam

eric said...

Sam, I'm not sold on the utility for an abundance of direct referenda. We already seem to make societal changes faster than most - my experience abroad has indicated that many foreigners marvel at how quickly America makes changes. So to accelerate changes with more direct referenda seems a little hazardous, especially for a society that's also famous for being short-sighted.

Pete Karas said...

I know this is a late comment, but I just became aware of the post, thus the response. In a nutshell, I believe that some people (Denis included?) believe that guns are evil and I am for banning all guns. I have never said this. In my gun control advocacy, I believe I have always dealt with specific issues that were relevant at the time -- concealed carry, assault weapons, Eddie Eagle, etc. I looked at each of these individually and made public statements on my views. Sometimes these views were written about quite a bit in the press and sometimes they were not. Sometimes they were correctly portrayed and some times they were not.

In the case of the bar where three guns were found and there were underage drinkers, I also looked at that issue seperately. In this case, I believed that there was not enough frequency (as opposed to the severity of one night's incidents) of problems at this bar to justify taking the license to a due process hearing.

Back to guns: I do realize that there are guns in Racine -- both legally and illegally held. Just because there were guns in the bar that one night does not justify attempting to pull the license of the businessowner.

I'm always happy to talk about guns or any other issue. My number is "in the book." Asking me may bring a more accurate picture than speculation.

ps: Eric, you are correct, I believe that there is a middle ground that can be found, although the barriers in doing this are definately there.