Friday, May 29, 2009

Q and A with Earl Chrisianson

Unglued local lefty Earl Christianson had some questions after attending last months tea party demonstration at city hall. He asked them in a JT letter to the editor. Here are a few and I will try to answer them:

Earl: Was violent or nonviolent action being advocated by the lady peddling campaign type pins containing a picture of president Obama within a circle and a line slashed accross the photo?

Answer: Yes.

Earl: How couild parents ignore the heart-wrenching sight of three preschool age children trying to navigate the uneven grass? One child carried a protest sign in one hand and held a toddlers hand with the other. Every couple of steps the toddler fell and a third child struggled to pull the youngster up.

Answer: I was there, but I didn't see any toddlers walking on the grass holding hands, but be assured Earl, had I seen any such disturbing behavior I would have instantly called child protective services and pressed for a full investigation into the matter.

Earl: Finally, why are unknown persons, operating through straw organizations, involved in this covert operation? What's the agenda?

Answer: Earl, these folks were under the mistaken assumption that it was permissable to assemble peacefully without a written published agenda. I could tell you the agenda Earl, but then I would have to inflict a violent or nonviolent action upon you. It is best that you just pretend you never saw that rally Earl, and please, try to get that disturbing image of children walking hand in hand out of your mind.


Caledonia Unplugged said...

Thanks, Denis, I needed a laugh!

Chris from Racine said...

Thank you Denis. I just read that in the paper and was considering posting about it, but didn't want to give this guy more attention than he deserved. Good grief!! I can do nothing more than roll my eyes at him, and laugh at your responses!! Priceless!!

Anonymous said...

All the times lefties congregated at Monument Square and he didn't care.

Selective outrage is an ugly thing.

Shade of Gray said...

Selective outrage is an ugly thing.

But by choosing to only point out the bias of the "lefties" you are practicing your own brand of selective outrage.