Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walden School and Sustainability

Walden Students are learning about sustainability according to a small article in todays Journal Times. Good for them.

According to the article, the class was initially developed by the Keystone Center for Education and funded by Sustainable Racine.

The first thing these students should be taught - I am not holding my breath - is the manner in which these organizations are sustained, or not. These organizations are sustained by donations. And these donations were made possible by wealth creation. And wealth creation is best achieved in countries with free economies.

Walden students are to "develop and ultimately implement a project that will enhance the sustainability of Racine's future." Great! My hope is that these projects will reflect an understanding that "sustainability" is best achieved in a capitalist and free country. We shall see.

And Sam Braun, I will be counting on you for the sensible insiders perspective.


Colt said...

Give the kids credit. They are doing great things in the City. A big part of the Racine Urban Gardening Network.

Anonymous said...

Colt, this is Free Racine you're talking about here. Any opportunity to minimize positive actions from anyone, he'll seize it & destroy 'em.

I'd also add that most non-profit major funding sources come from the "wealth creation" of state & federal government, not solely rich individual giving as free Racine would like you to believe.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for a Mikey Gibson but this was better! What the Walden students are doing is wonderful - it is the attitude of biting of learning to bite the hands that feed them that is the problem. I'm also shocked at the revelation that governments create wealth. Maybe Dungeons & Dragons is real too -

Colt said...

I would never guess that Colt would come to the aid of Walden.
The kids working with Racine Urban Gardening Network are among other tasks:
Creating the Web Page
Doing basic hvy labor at garden sites around Racine
Helping the schools neiboors to understand what they can do to help recycle etc.
All without tax $ one I understand.
Say what you will these kids are working without pay to help Racine.

Denis Navratil said...

Just to be clear here, I have not criticized Walden students in this post. I am skeptical about the curriculum there however. This would be a criticism of the adults, not the kids. My suspicion is that the kids are being taught to embrace a leftist environmental agenda and are therefore subjected to indoctrination rather than teaching. And if the kids are fixing up the neighborhood as an after school activity and doing it without taxpayer cash, then good for them. I have often thought that we should use the vacant lots around the city for gardens.

Urban Pioneer said...

I agree if it's all after school, non Taxpayer funded, and valuable learning time is not being used, then great job kids!!!.. But of course everyone knows it's being done during the school class period. So it almost surely using Taxpayer dollars to teach (or rather PREACH?), Al Gorism, If we decide to host a Walden school plan promoting Dan Quayle's economics in Math class; or understanding Traditional English spelling? Would the JT heap praise on the Greenies? Somehow the I suspect the Standard would be different...

conscious thought said...

Anon 4:58, obviously you don't pay taxes, pay any government fees of any kind, or live in the United States. If you did, you would easily understand how our government indeed creates "wealth". I think you are the one living in a fantasy world.

Denis, so someone wanting to recycle a plastic cup translates to being poisoned by a political agenda & indoctrination? Really? Can anyone just recycle a cup because they just feel like it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22 (Conscious Thought) - obviously you do not understand the difference between "take" or "redistribute" and "create". In fact, the government does not even create money when they print it, due to the relationship between the Federal Reserve and Treasury, which perhaps you understand.

Anonymous said...


What is great is the change we have in finding lots to help turn into Gardens and helping to do so gives us a chance to talk about our thoughts and ideasa.

Anonymous said...

Dennis - what is it about the kids at walden that you so dislike? You seem to take avery opportunity to tear down the kids at this schools accomplishments. Your kid not get accepted?

Denis Navratil said...

I will answer your question anon 5:53 when you indicate what it was in this post or my responses that suggests that I don't like Walden kids or that I am tearing them down. To the best of my knowledge, the only Walden student I know is Sam Braun and I think highly of him.

Anonymous said...

1. pretend you're a victim
2. claim that you are a victim
3. other people who claim to be victims come to your defense
4. get stuff from guilt-ridden liberals and others who can be coerced
5. repeat

Conscious thought said...

Anon, 5:08, the formula you laid out sounds exactly like
The one the banks & insurance companies used to get
billions in bail out TARP money.

Worked like a charm didn't it.

Anonymous said...

Hey CT, I agree with you on this one! Add GM (Government Motors) and a number of others too. Our risk, their reward!

colt said...


In what way is this happening? I see a bunch of kids doing something they see as good for the City.
Come to one of the Racine Urban Gardening Network Meetings and see all the great things going on in Racine often with the help of the kids at Walden and with no government $$.
Basic Grassroots community building
something Racine needs and coming from the neighborhoods vs the government.

Anonymous said...

Colt - my 5:08 response was to the child who was basically whining about not being liked, which is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

this is anon 5:53.

Dennis - You ask why I am querying you on your negative attitude towards walden. Its disingenuous to state that you dont udnerstand the question.

You clearly have a long term pattern of attacking the students at Walden and their efforts. A quick search for "walden" on your blog finds no less than 6 seperate posts attacking the efforts of walden students or faculty.

Just curious what about this local school has created such animosity.

Despite having the worst physical plant in the city, academically, the school has second highest standardized test results in Racine (blowing away the three major public high schools, exceeding Lutheran and St Catherines...albeit not Prairie).

Clearly they are doing something right. One would think you would be applauding their results, rather than try to tear down these kids

So, I again ask, whats your problem?

George said...

Anon 5:53 -

Are you trying to say that students at St. Catherine's and Lutheran are not intelligent or that students at Walden III are better than them?

Anonymous said...

George, that was a rather silly and transparent red herring of a question.

So, tell us did you learn your debating skills at Lutheran or St Cats? :-)

George said...

Neither...I went to Walden :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Denis,

"To the best of my knowledge, the only Walden student I know is Sam Braun and I think highly of him."

Remember a Matt McVeigh? Didn't think so...

Denis Navratil said...

Oh, and Matt McVeigh too.

Shannon Jones said...

You know, I'm extremely surprised by this post. It's not at all what I expected from Denis. He's just voicing his concern about public education that he is basically paying for, which he has every right to do.

I'm a recent graduate of Walden and I was a part of the gardening projects. Just to clear a few things up, the class was an elective so we were able to choose whether or not to take it, and a lot of the actual gardening was done by people that we invited from the neighborhood. And there was no mention of the organization's funding. There was also no link made to the type of economy the organization or its goals would thrive in. So no worries.