Monday, May 11, 2009

Seeds of Liberty

On Saturday, a dozen or so local citizens met (including yours truly) to explore the idea of forming a group dedicated to preserving our liberties from the near constant encroachment by government.

Though nothing has been formalized, nor any spokesperson chosen, it is my understanding that we have agreed to a basic concept. We will be issue driven, active and non partisan in an effort to preserve or recover our liberties.

Let me break this down a bit further:

Issue driven: We will focus on issues that affect our liberties. The purpose here is to take on issues and win! It is not about getting anyone elected although if that is a byproduct of our efforts, so much the better.

Active: We do not intend to be a group that gathers to preach to the choir. We want to be active. We want to do things to advance our causes. We want to actively protect our liberties.

Non partisan: We are not affiliated with the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Constitutional or any other political party. However, we will coordinate with any or all of the above if, on a particular issue, they share our goal of protecting our liberties.

Look for more information on this subject in the not to distant future and consider helping us take on issues that should matter to us all.


Urban Pioneer said...

Thanks for your posting Denis. Like so many of us who attended TEA parties around the country, and right here in Racine. I was struck by the emotion of the people who feel their Liberties are being eroded at the Federal, State and Local Levels. Obama's firing of the President of GM, and then turning over 2 American manufacturers to the Union's whose stranglehold, combined with Govt. meddling (CAFE, Forced Ethanol mandates, just to name a few), are now going to have preferred stock holder status over the original Bondholders. At the State Level we have watched for years as Jimmy Doyle and the Dem's pretended to balance budgets by raiding one retirement fund after the other and gave the money to the WEAC and Tribal donors. I realize we can all feel too overwhelmed to do anything at the state and Federal level, with one or 20 voices...but we can change things right here in our City, and hope the pressure, trickles upward.
We have the ongoing Boon-doggle of KRM which even the believers KNOW won't work! Last month we had a business operation in the City turned away over a Liquor license, in an area that has no Liquor stores! We will have the up-coming Round-a-bout issue at 7th St. and every month at least 2 issues will be up for discussion, and we can make a change there!
I look forward to supporting your group with action and commentary. I'll be watching for future details..

Colt said...

Long Live Liberty!

Anonymous said...

"We will have the up-coming Round-a-bout issue at 7th St."

What's the issue? It is cheaper than a standard intersection and it will work better. Sounds conservative to me.

Denis Navratil said...

anon, UP, I am not sure how issues concerning a roundabout relate to our liberties, unless private property were to be taken unnecessarily. And anon, our fledgling group is not conservative per se, unless you equate conservatism with liberty. But I suspect that people of all political persuasions are interested in protecting their liberties from excessive government intrusion. At least I hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have the same mission as the ACLU?

Denis Navratil said...

Anon I can see some resemblance as well though I think we will choose different issues to focus on.