Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teachers Union Using Adult Dupes

I started a bit of a fight over at the JT blog when I suggested that children shouldn't be used as pawns in political battles.

There was a protest organized by the Racine teachers union at a recent board meeting. They were lobbying for federal stimulus funds for more librarians. Several children, as young as nine, participated.

One of my detractors on the JT blog, 4kidsandacat had this to say:

Denis Navratil is assuming that parents are using children to achieve a political objective. How is having desire to have a librarian at a school full time considered a political objective? I don't get that, sir.

Well 4kidsandacat, desiring a librarian is not political. I have desired a few in my day as well. But the little darlings in question didn't just desire a librarian. They participated in a staged political protest organized by the local teachers union with the political objective of securing federal funds for more librarians. Does it get any more political than that? And 4kids, if you "don't get that" then you are as much a dupe as the kids. At least they have the excuse of being kids.


Urban Pioneer said...

I hope you don't mind i posted the following on the T site. I thought it would fit your posting..

"Dear SkaterMom, thanks for your rational response to my arguements, and perhaps recognizing my goal is not to demonize you, your children or the teachers in our schools. But in my years of living in this community, I have watched the spending go up, and the Graduation rates drop. The Teachers Whine, the Students whine, the parents whine, and the Taxpayers whine..even me. Rather than step back and logically look at what WOULD actually improve our schools, (real School choice), assorted power/ pressure groups refuse to allow success because it cuts into their....Wait for it...PAYCHECKS.

Yes the REA members want more Librarians for the purpose of having more MEMBERS..make no mistake that is exactly what this is about..and the Student PAWNS enlisted in the story were to serve that purpose. Last month did these 3 students show up to bring attention to the Librarian problem, or the month before?? No it happened in the FINAL meeting before the school year ended..hmmm. C'mon Skatermom you're not expecting Maddy and Sam were so outraged that going into Summer vacation there wasn't gonna be an open Library are you??

It's OK I realize Kids and Schools make passionate arguements..I have Kids of my own..BTW ..mine didn't hit you up for the bill of their education.....You're welcome...

But since your children are costing your fellow taxpayers $10,000.00 per year..and you look at your property tax statement which covers, police, fire, projects in Uptown, and Gateway, and Parkiside, the pblic Library, the Zoo, etc. and your contribution for RUSD , and you look at your Johnny and Jennifer and however many other kids you have.. and multiply the number times $10,000. you realize that in fact YOU and SkaterDAD are contributing $30-45,000.00 to pay for your kids I correct?? Or is your property tax bill more like $3,000 instead of $30,000?? Yeah that's what I thought..
So You're not actually paying your "Fair share" if you were paying $20-30 grand in education cost, you'd send your kids to Prairie or another private school in the city. Just like the TEACHERS do!!

Now you have accepted my volunteer duel? Since you seem to know who I am, (and I appreciate you not disclosing it), I invite you to stop in my place and introduce yourself..and since you know who I am, I assume I know who you are too. Furthermore you may well know that I do a lot for Teachers in my business, both public and private, without discrimination. You also may know I have done a great many things with my time for the education of my children and others..So by all means do stop by and let's get the volunteer duel Party started.. I look forward to meeting you.

PTA mom3 If you want to know the best schools in the community..ask the teachers, police, firefighters, and other Govt. employees where they sent their kids.. Like me they will suggest St.So and so's, St. Cat's, Prairie Montesori anything but a regular RUSD school.

Now I'm no genius but if my Butcher says he wouldn't eat the Steak he's selling me...I wouldn't buy it let alone eat it, and I sure as hell wouldn't feed it to my KIDS!!

Racine needs REAL school choice right now!! Gov Doyle your running out of OUR money for our is the time to expand School Choice and start saving the people of Wisconsin some money...and more importantly let kids get the best education their parents can arrange, and afford.

A great Private school can educate your kid for $2-3,000 per year K-8th and High school $3-5,000 per year. The public system in Wisconsin is $10-12,000 per student per year... It might be time to use your calculator and make a financial decision.

But the Librarian "Mafia" wants instead to increase your cost of education, and they aren't afraid to drag a few "A" students into the Fray to hide behind...

Urban Pioneer said...

Sorry Skatermom but asking for someone else to pay your bill for your ""Want" is whining. My "voicing my opinion" to stop you from raising MY cost of educating YOUR kid is "whining" too. The difference is I'm not asking YOU to pay for it! If you want better for YOUR kid..go pay for it yourself..I did.

colt said...

"desiring a librarian is not political. I have desired a few in my day as well." Yes and Colt has caught a few. One with Red Hair bounis