Friday, January 06, 2012

Look Who's Shredding Now

"Shredding the constitution" was one of the more promiscuously used phrases employed during the Bush administration. I can't wait to hear the howls of protest from the purists on the left over these transgressions.


GearHead said...

Can you say "Dictator?"

Sean Cranley said...

Who wrote this piece of crap? There's no attribution!
"Socialistic extremism and lawlessness", absolute nonsense! Be afraid, be very afraid, boogey, boogey boogey!

Maybe the GOPstructionist political piggies in the Senate should do their jobs and stop holding up Obama's appointees for nothing but crass political purposes, as is the case here. Richard Cordray is endorsed by a bipartisan group of State Attorney's General:

The Senators are not there doing their jobs, they should adjourn and quit playing political games. Recess appointments are fairly commom place because until now Congress had the decency and the honesty to actually adjourn when they were in fact adjourned.

Dictator GH? You are indeed a fool.

BradK said...


You clearly have stated your opinion of the article, the author, and the political theatre that the Senate is playing.

You have not, however, commented on the actual fact that the President has apparently made recess appointments when, by law, he is not allowed to. Has the President over-stepped his constitutional legal authority (which I believe is the question Denis is posing to his left-leaning readers)?


Denis Navratil said...

Thanks Bradk for diplomatically pointing out Sean's tendency to skirt the issue. To his credit he often gets around to answering the question after a bit of prompting.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the dietary requirements are for trolls but I think you guys must be providing more than adequate nutrition.

Sean Cranley said...

Well Brad, Denis posted an article and I commented on the lack of rationality and quality of the unattributed article provided. It was part of the post and it's fair game.

What is also appropriate is to discuss the GOPstructionist context in which the President's actions occurred and which made him believe (I assume) that they were necessary. In this case for an agency created by an act to Congress to fulfill it's mission.

If it really is unconstitutional, then it should not stand, but I've heard discussions that the Constitution is not that clear on the issue. And let's face it, Congress is NOT in session, dispite what technicalities the GOPsters are employing in their partisan game-playing disservice to the citizens of this country.

Recess appointments have been made by Presidents since George Washington first did so. And the notion that this is an impeachable offense, well that is just more Cult of Con irrational absurdity.

Denis Navratil said...

Sean, the issue is not whether recess appointments are illegal. They are not. The issue is whether Congress is in recess and which branch of government gets to make that call. Up to this point, the issue of whether Congress was or was not in session was determined by Congress. President Obama is the first president to make a "recess" appointment when Congress, according to Congress, was not in recess. If the Obama precedent were to stand, the advise and consent role of Congress, already greatly diminished, would be effectively eliminated as a future president could appoint his attorney general on a Congressional coffee break.

BradK said...

Well, I guess that answers that.

Sean, to your point, I wasn't suggesting you shouldn't have commented on the context, article or author. Denis could have easily said "President Obama makes recess appointments when Congress hasn't technically gone into recess - thoughts from my left-leaning friends?"

Furthermore, Denis, it would seem that Sean (as the most prolific left-leaning commenter on Free Racine) conceded that if the appointments are determined to be unconstitutional, they should not stand.

Fairly short debate really... :)

I think everybody agrees that the laws of the land should be followed. Seems like a bi-partisan kind of thing...