Friday, January 06, 2012

Union Ethics Part 2

This story is still evolving but does seem to shed some light on the union mindset. It seems a few dozen of the usual suspects - can't wait to learn their names - were ticketed for illegal demonstrations in a residential area. They were oh so cleverly dressed with top hats and what not to evoke a 1%er image while they harassed Paul Ryan and others at a private fundraiser. By a stroke of luck we have union fingerprints on this illegal behavior as the limo driver -staying with the 1% theme - indicated that he picked up the rabble rousers at a union hall. I think it will prove a tad difficult for them to distance themselves from this illegal activity.

So once again we have an organized disregard for the law no doubt coupled with an ends-justifies-the-means ethic. No thanks.


GearHead said...

Still deluded into thinking this is "grass roots" effort Sean? At least one of those cited was from New Jersey. Did they somehow get lost on the way home from protesting at the Capitol? No, they are just bought and paid for union thugs. Rendezvou at the teacher union building. How original. How sadly revealing. Do you think any of these out-of-towners will pay their citation? Not likely.

Sean Cranley said...

True to form the JT fails to note whether the protesters to the fALEC convocation were on the sidewalk or on private property. Since they were not arrested for trespassing, I assume they were on the sidewalk and therefore violated the newly enacted Sen. Van Amway, "pwease weave awone ordinance, Waaaaaaaah!

It's a public sidewalk and I hope the protesters refuse to pay the fine and challenge the dubious constitutionality of this newly enacted selfish serving ordinance.

Do I think what is a grass roots effort GH? This protest or the recall?

The recall? Hell yes it is. I've worked with dozens of folks from my area and I've not yet met one person who is from outside Wisconsin and only one person who was not local. Dispite your red herring, when the vast majority of people are local volunteers working with small amounts of local funding is grass roots, unlike the Americans for Plutocracy Expo Center Rented, Jumbotron Presented, Mega-Media Rendered, Public (HA!) Address System Vented, Koch Bros Funded A$Stroturf Extremaganza going on in Waukesha tomorrow.