Friday, July 14, 2006

Lefty Logic

If you get a chance, read Father Bruce Clanton's op-ed in the JT entitled "The challenge of planting trees with our lives." The commentary reveals the truth. Only the truth revealed is other than what was intended by the author.

Clanton wraps his leftist vision of a borderless state, abortion, pacificism, socialism, gay marriage and anti-Americanism around God and faith.

"We call some immigrants illegal because they cross our borders without proper papers" writes Clanton. Well, yes, it is the papers which would make the border crossing legal. Absent the papers, the border crossing is illegal.

"But when we cross the borders of Iraq, we call our soldiers heroes. Not illegals." Please understand what Clanton is trying to accomplish here. The clearly illegal activity of paperless border crossers is being justified because our troops have "crossed the borders of Iraq". By this standard of logic, virtually any illegal activity could be justified. Some of our troops have been accused of rape and murder. Clantons muddled logic would suggest that rape and murder could also be justified because some of our troops (may) have done so. Now I don't think Clanton favors rape and murder, I am simply demonstrating the absurdity of his thinking. Furthermore, since it is obvious that Clanton opposes our Iraqi border crossing, why not be consistent and also oppose the border crossing into the US by illegals, er, paperless immigrants.

"We expect young people to abandon their arms on our streets, but we demand pride when they take them up on foriegn streets", Clanton continues. Is there no difference between the activities of street criminals and the work of United States soldiers? Apparently not, in Clantons mind. I wonder if he "supports the troops" but not the war.

"We work so hard to protect life unborn. But as soon as too many lives come of age, we abandon them. We do not have the same passion for their health care, nutrition, their education or the environment in which they live." Here is what Clanton is saying. If you oppose abortion, you must also embrace his socialist vision of government control of the economy, including health care education and environment protection, otherwise, you are a hypocrite. I for one, disagree. One can believe that abortion is murder AND that less government and more freedom will result in better health and better education. One can care about the pre-born and post-born without embracing socialism.

Thank you Father Clanton for the clear look at the muddled thinking of the extreme left.

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