Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Unified Nonsense

I would like to add my name to the list of people who are outraged at the attempt to muzzle elected school board members. Board President Sue Kutz has scheduled a closed meeting to consider whether one of its members has violated school board policy. In a Journal Times article, Kutz declined to name the alleged offender or the offending behavior, though many suspect that school board member Brian Dey has been targetted for his outspoken comments related to RUSD.

It is voters who should scrutinize the behavior of their elected officials. It is voters that should discipline the elected officials that fail to represent them properly. I respect Brian Dey for his outspokenness on school issues. I can not respect any official efforts to silence him or any other elected official. If Brian Dey or any other school board member has violated school board policy, then Sue Kutz should openly state the alleged infraction, and allow a public response by the offending board member. The effort to handle this matter in secrecy suggests to me that it is board policy, rather than Brian Dey, that would wilt under public scrutiny.


Greg Helding said...

Denis Navratil for School Board!

Seriously, give it some thought. Generating popular ideas is great, but someone has to implement them. The most popular ideas do not always win with politicians - look at the current immigration mess. The popular idea is enforcement. The winning idea right now in Washington is amnesty.

Denis Navratil said...

Thank you for the complement Greg. Perhaps I will someday. Regarding popular ideas not always prevailing, you are absolutely correct. I should restate my case. The ideas which will most likely result in reelection will garner the support of most politicians. Money and votes win elections, thus the ideas which generate the most money and/or votes will find support. Sometimes popular ideas will prevail, sometimes special interest power will prevail.

Anonymous said...

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