Thursday, July 20, 2006

Racist Demands

Serial race-baiter Alfonso Gardner was in the news again, with the following request, "Why don't McReynolds and Lehman debate in the minority community and tell them what they will do for the minority community if elected to the state senate? What I want them to do is to quit this attack and get down to what are y'all going to do for the minority community? Have debates. Lay your agenda out."

Gardner has laid out his agenda. The only thing that matters to him, apparently, is minorities. The rest of the community doesn't matter.

Suppose white racists made the same demands. "What are you going to do for the white folks. Forget the minorities. We, the white folks, can deliver the votes. What are you going to do for us?" Now this fictitious quote is quite ugly, is it not? But is it substantially different than Gardner's demands?

I would suggest to both McReynolds and Lehman to ignore Mr. Gardner. Your job is to help the community as a whole, not to Balkanize it.


Wade said...

This is off topic, so I apologize. I went to Walgreens last night and I had a thought. Should the Gov't mandate (infringe on property onwers rights) handicap/disabled parking stalls or should they let the market take care of it. If merchants want handicap people to spend money in their stores, and they determine that special parking spots incourage this, they will provide these spots. I would guess most merchants would not provide this service, at least not to the extent that they are forced to do now. After all, there are not handicap parking stalls in front of every store downtown (loading zones, though it would seem) and I imagine handicap folks still shop in those stores. On the other hand can't "we the people" get together as a government and agree that, when we can, lets allow a person with a handicap to be able to park a little closer to a store. "Ahha! That is where it starts and then incrementally it keeps moving until we have ridiculous burdensome rules about the height, width and slope of everything until the Gov't has stiffled entrepreneurs everywhere." The quote is your (Denis) possible response, not that I would presume to speak for you. If you did say that I would likely have to agree. I am really just trying to guage the depth of your faith in the free market.

Anonymous said...

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