Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lesson for Prairie Students

The following is a mini commentary by the Racine Journal Times.

"Thumbs down to The Prairie School for charging for the use of your tennis courts. Yes, you paid for the new courts. Yes, you're a private school and have every right to charge for their use. But your new summer tennis club does little to cast off the elitism associated with your school. Drop the fee and give something back to the community; it'd be a good lesson for your students."

I agree with the Journal Times on one point. There is a lesson here for students. Here it is. There are many people who have contempt for the private sector. Many of them become journalists. They may be deeply caring people, to be sure. They love equality. Thus, they do not like to see wealth, as it is a visual reminder of inequality. If things were equal, this wealth would be redistributed fairly. This is the essential problem that the Journal Times has with The Prairie School and their decision with regards to the tennis courts. They claim that Prairie should give back to the community. But what has the community given to Prairie? Prairie is tax exempt like any other non profit organization and they receive bussing service for their students. Otherwise they get nothing from the community, unlike Racine Unified, which gets roughly $12,000 per student from the community. In fact, Prairie School and their parents ARE giving to the community. For every student educated at Prairie, the taxpayers save roughly $12,000, because those students are not incurring that cost at Racine Unified. Does the Journal Times berate Unified when they charge admission for a basketball game? Of course not. There is an obvious double standard being openly displayed by the Journal Times. But get used to it kids. If you should succeed in life, you will no doubt find people that will envy your accomplishments. They will want to drag you down to their level of misery. Don't let them get you down.


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