Friday, February 23, 2007

Caledonia Cowardice

Caledonia politicians were flirting with the idea of asking their constituents whether they, the politicians, should study the viability of seceeding from Racine Unified. But they have now decided against polling their constituents on the question, and they will not include the non-binding, free advisory referendum on the April ballot. Instead, they will issue an RFP (Request for Proposals) to study the issue.

This is a politically effective way to shelve the issue altogether. The cost of studying the seccession issue will not be cheap. And Caledonia voters will not have put their stamp of approval on the expense, because the politicians decision not to ask them. Don't be surprised when the Caledonia politicians choose not to fund the study.

But when and if they do this, as quietly as possible, be sure that you understand the full significance of their inaction. They will have eagerly engaged with the administration of Racine Unified, while completely rejecting the voices of their own constituents. And this is what passes for representation in Caledonia.


quidnunc said...

You nailed it! Glad to see someone has the nerve to state what should be obvious.

Kat said...

Denis, I agree. The only thing here is that if the Villge Board won't bring the referendum to the people, then the people will bring the referendum to them.

Attention all Caledonia residents: There is a movement to gather signatures to ensure that this study does/will happen. Let your voice be heard. People will be going out into the community to gather these signatures. There is an online petition as well (but you cannot sign both). To participate in the online petition log onto:

Brenda said...

Thank you Denis for again pointing out the ugly underbelly of local politics.

The Caledonia residents deserve to have an open and honest discussion on the issues and without the feasilbility study - this is not possible.

Who knows, many the numbers won't pan out and property tax rates will soar. But the residents of Caledonia deserve the facts, not political games.

Anonymous said...

Denis, I think there was a valid reason for not proceeding with the non-binding advisory referendum and that was the lack of wording. "Do you want to get out of the RUSD?" alone is not a sufficient way to word the question. Its like asking someone if they want a new car! Of course, everyone says yes . . . until they find out what the sticker price of that car is going to cost them. Hence, it seems prudent to include a cost proforma in any referendum, so that voters can make an educated guess on what this will cost their pocketbook. And when that is done, I would wholeheartedly support a referendum.