Sunday, February 04, 2007

New RUSD Propagandist

RUSD has a new propagandist, replacing the twice retired Linda Flashinski. The new hire, Stephanie Kratochvil is saying all the right things already.

"I think there is a perception problem," says Kratochvil. No, we have a reality problem. Anyone who fails to understand that does indeed have a perception problem.

Kratchvil vows to "find the good things happening in the district," according to the JT article. Kratchvil made no promises about the bad news.


eric said...

In the last couple weeks we've had two 5-column commentaries in the RJT telling us how impractical or non-sensical a seperate Caldeonia school district would be. This all before Caledonia has done anything substantial other than to decide to further research the idea. Why the overboard reaction to an idea only in it's infancy?

Kat said...

Eric, that is such an interesting question!

First of all, Caledonia is merely wanting to poll its residents (via an advisory referendum)to find out if there is enough of an interest in its community to pursue a feasibility study, to see if it is feasible for Caledonia to have its own schools. So I have no idea what these people are crying about!!!Its the million dollar question that is long overdue.

Secondly, its been said that as many as 60% of school aged kids in Caledonia do NOT attend RUSD. Which, if that number holds to be true(and I was told by a few sources that it is pretty accurate), then that fact alone speaks volumes. Caledonia is paying for a system that they largely have no confidence in and therefore it does not use.

Thirdly, Caledonia is trying to develop and grow. They understand that in order to attract business to their area that they need to have good schools. Given Racine's multi-layered politics and stagnant attitude when it comes to the schools, in terms of growth, it makes complete sense that Caledonia would want its own schools.

And finally, I would like people to know, especially those that are whining about something that has not happened yet, and apparently something they know little about, that Dr. Hicks himself said publically, to his Key Communicators, that RUSD would greatly benefit if Caledonia should leave.

Denis Navratil said...

My guess to your question Eric is that the usual RUSD cheerleaders want to avoid competition at all costs, so they are trying to nip this in the bud before it becomes apparent that many Caledonians are completely fed up with RUSD.

realdebate said...

Hope this guy is good at playing hide and seek.

Anonymous said...

We need to look at exactly who Stephanie Kratochvil is and what she has done. In her time spent at the zoo, she has done little to improve that organization's image and ability to fundraise - can you say admission fee. Now she is getting $60K of my hard-earned tax dollars, for what? To be Tom Hicks "PR Flack"? The last good communications director at RUSD was Jim Wardrip - and he worked for considerably less than $60K. And the folks in the Ivory Tower on Northwestern Avenue wonder why people are skeptical of how they intend to spend our hard-earned property tax dollars??? Go Figure!

Anonymous said...

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