Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Journal Times Eliminates Content

Is it just me or has our local newspaper been even more content free than usual, if that is even possible?

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Anonymous said...

Ever since Lee Enterprises bought the Pulitzer chain, every one of their papers has been challenged to help pay off that debt. So there has been an advertising "column-inch-creep" that there hardly is any good editorial inches left. And then they fill those with AP stories or day old Journal-Sentinel stories.

Tell me the last time that the paper has done any sort of investigative research? You cannot remember . . . and neither can I.

Randy Brandt is AWOL in this community. They have a goofy Entertainment page that is meaningless, they have that section on 2A which rehashes old stories for non-regular readers and wastes column inches.

And their reporters are barely past puberty . . . another ploy by Publisher Johnson to keep salaries at a minimum.

I could go on and on about the deficiencies in the local rage, but instead choose to buy the Milwaukee and Chicago paper and look to you, my friendly blogger, for an insightful look at local news.