Sunday, February 04, 2007

Catching Up

Jan 28. I see the JT has a front page photo of a Monument Square war protest rally. No surprise there, but why must they send a photographer to the rally. Is the scene really any different from the other rallies? Stock footage ought to do.

Jan 29. Food section. There is an article, with pictures, of a black man who opened a restaurant downtown. An anonymous blogger has previously declared that our two business organizations downtown are essentially whites only organizations. Any thoughts anon?

Jan 31. Socking it to car rental companies to fund commuter rail is not only unfair but it will have unintended consequences. My guess is that some of these companies will not survive this new tax, and fewer people will rent cars, so the anticipated revenue will gradually decline. But taxing others for what you want is a tried and true method for getting a tax increase.

Feb 1. The JT endorsed a statewide indoor public smoking ban. I am shocked shocked shocked!

Today. I see a local judge has been arrested for DUI. He intends to plead guilty, he says, because he is guilty. What a refreshing attitude! I wish him well.


Anonymous said...

How many people actually check the amount of taxes before renting a car? Or hotel taxes, when I am reserving a hotel I NEVER check the tax rate first. Most rental cars are rented by business travelers, it isn't going to stop a business traveler from doing business here.
What is so shocking about indoor smoking bans? Do you read the news outside of Racine? You own an import store so I'd have to imagine you do get out of Racine.

Denis Navratil said...

Tax increases on hotels and rental cars are attempts to have others pay the tab for our goodies. At some point outsiders will stop coming into Wisconsin. Why not be more obvious about it and have a Crossing the State Line Tax?

I was not shocked about the JT's endorsement of a smoking ban. I will be shocked if the JT ever opposes any proposal that empowers government over individuals.

Yes I have other sources for news besides the JT.

Anonymous said...

I read that our rental car fees are currently lower than most other states, so if that's the case and we are bringing our tax up to be more comparable to others, then I don't see where it's going to have much of an effect do you? I know taxes are higher in Illinois, and I have to pay tolls shortly after I cross the border, but it doesn't stop me from shopping at Gurnee Mills and other areas in Illinois.

Personally I'd be fine with paying an extra tax for funding METRA. I am aware that I already pay for public transportation anyway, like the city buses for example. I do not have a problem with adding rail to that.

I can't imagine anyone would first check hotel and rental car taxes before deciding to do business in Wisconsin. Everyone looks at the flat rate before taxes, but the entire tax issue is a mystery to most. They just know it's something they can't avoid, and pay it without question. I know I do.

Denis Navratil said...

Anon, you are a godsend to politicians. When you pay your taxes without asking any questions, you are essentially forfeiting your citizenship. You are placing blind trust in a higher authority, your government.

Anonymous said...

I do ask questions, but do not have a problem with supporting rail as part of my taxes. I do not however, look at the state tax percentages before traveling to Gurnee Mills outlet mall or if I decide on a destination for a vacation, I do not check out hotel taxes before making up my mind to go. Pulleeeze! Denis, you sound like the kind of guy that brings his own teabag to a restaurant so you don't have to pay for a beverage.

Denis Navratil said...

I don't check tax rates either anon, but I am likely to notice high tax rates on hotels, car rentals etc... and I file away that info in my head. It could become a factor at some point. A 750% tax increase on car rentals would definitely get my attention. I might try to find another way to get around. This tax is unfair to the car rental agencies, but they are too small of a group to have much political influence.

As for my behavior in restaurants, you have me all wrong. Apparently you have not been reading my blog entries all that carefully. It is the private sector that I prefer to support. I would not bring in a beverage to a restaurant. However, I do plead guilty to bringing candy into theatres on occasion. I know, I know, I shouldn't do it.

Conscious Thought said...

anon, you hit the nail on the head. The initiatives that conservatives like Navratil don't support are the ones that generally are inclusive, promote economic stability and development, and provide opportunities for people to better themselves....they just don't like being a part of the solution to anything and primarily are in a reactionary stance/mode.