Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bottoms Up

I saw a clip of Barrack Obama yesterday touting the bottom up political movement that will result in his presidency. Now I don't mean to pick on Obama. I am sure that all the candidates are saying similar things, after all, they need us (the bottom) to get elected. But Obama seemed generally favorable towards bottom up solutions rather than top down ones. And I would agree with him on that score.

However, the irony is that this bottom up political movement would invariably result in more top down policies. If Obama is elected (or any other Democrat), would we see a preference towards bottom up solutions in health care, or would we see a push for top down universal health care coverage? Would we see a move towards a bottom up solution to our education woes, such as school vouchers, or would we see more federal intrusions like the No Child Left Behind legislation? Would we see a bottom up economy, where individuals keep more of their own money to solve their own problems, or would we see more taxes and thus a more top down economy?

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