Friday, August 31, 2007

Stand By Your Man

RAMAC has offered their help in finding a new school superintendent, one just like Dr. Hicks. "We really want to make sure Dr. Hicks' educational initiatives continue" said RAMAC educational director Carol Barkow.

Yikes! I like Carol Barkow, but Hicks was here for six years and RUSD is no better than when he arrived. I think we should start with a clean slate and some new chalk.


Anonymous said...

RAMAC should be on the forefront of the school choice & voucher program. They feel great with micro improvements and wishful thinking.
The best they can do is organize "Business after Five".

Denis Navratil said...

As a businessman, I might actually join RAMAC if they started to advocate for vouchers. Having a school system like RUSD does not help any of our local business people, except perhaps defense attorneys and tutors.