Thursday, August 09, 2007

JT Health Care Newsentary

Yes, I have coined a new term, the newsentary. It is commentary inserted into news articles. The JT does it all the time. Take David Steinkrauses story today entitled "The price of health." Interestingly, the story did not actually mention the price of the proposed universal health coverage for all Wisconsinites. The initial cost is estimated to be $15 billion per year, an amount that would more than double our state budget.

But this health care plan will generate savings, according to Steinkraus. Apparently, numerous counties are projecting savings because health care expenses for county employees and such would be shifted to business owners and workers through a huge payroll tax hike. "And because the Senate bill requires 50% of the savings be returned to taxpayers, it looks as though everyone would gain." writes Steinkraus.

Hmmm. State taxes will more than double. Counties would be relieved of health care costs but would only be required to return half of the savings. Everyone gains. Wow. And that was in a news story, not a commentary.

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