Friday, August 10, 2007

PC Photography

Racine County Supervisor Diane Lange complained yesterday, in a commentary concerning rental of excess jail space, about a photo in the JT of several black inmates playing cards. In her own words:

"The accompanying photo in the same issue with the smiling, card playing inmates contributes further to the racial bias and stereotyping that so frequently already fills up local blog sites. It may encourage the community to see crime as a code word for race in our political discussion sphere. This is not helpful for thoughtful discourse."

Now I am confused. I recently went to Governor Doyle's task force concerning the problem of overrepresentation of minorities in our prison system. Diane Lange was in attendance. So we want to bring attention to the problem, just not with photographs? Should the photographer have rounded up a few whites and Hispanics for the photo, or just add them later?

The truth is that there are too many black people in our prisons. To pretend otherwise would be dishonest and would not be "helpful for thoughtful discourse."


Anonymous said...

People of all races commit crimes...but do blacks commit more crimes than whites? I think from my own observation having worked in LE that yes blacks do commit more crimes. Now, is that racist for me to say? One would have to believe there is a conspiracy happening in America to jail black men if that statement isn't true, because the statistics don't lie (and apparently the photograph doesn't lie either).

By Touchy

Caledonication said...

Equal opportunity incarcerator? I think not!

First of all, this topic really made me mad. I feel very strongly that something must be done by the government about this perpetual injustice. There must be a federal law against racial discrimination in prisoner demographics. After some research I have determined that the real issue here is that the “Equal Employment Opportunity Act” is only in force when in reference to an employee. The problem will not go away until this is changed. Why should equal opportunity only apply if you are getting paid? Is that fair? Our prison system needs to embrace cultural and racial diversity; and until that happens I’m afraid that people will continue to think that black people commit more crimes than other races. Second of all, how does playing cards contribute to the reformation of criminal inmates? We need to spend more on rehabilitation, so that criminals can become productive citizens when they are paroled. How else will they be able to pay all that back owed child support?

Caledonication said...

Oh, and one more thing. What kind of message does that send to our children, showing a picture of inmates playing cards? That if you commit a crime and get arrested, you will get to have a vacation with free meals and time to play cribbage?

Denis Navratil said...

Unfortunately Touchy (I still think you should pick your own nickname), there are those who would conclude that you are racist because you have made observations that they don't like. The truth or falsehood of your observations is irrelevant to those who would label you a racist.

And Caledon, I feel your pain. I have tried my very best to go to jail. Every time I get in front of that jury of my peers, they simply refuse to convict. I am getting desperate. I think I will try puppy beheadings on the public square. Maybe that will do the trick.

Caledonication said...

Mr. Navratil. Unfortunately, you have slipped passed me on my rocket sled to hell. Dare I say, this (technically) would not be possible if you were me.

Eh, but what the heck, its Friday right?

Anonymous said...

The majority of shootings, drug dealing and gang activity in Racine is done by blacks. Is stating the facts being racist on my part? There are many reasons for the cause of this, but nonetheless, it is reality, unfortunately.
And hey, I spent some time in jail, and I'm white.

Caledonication said...

Dood! Right on!!