Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Divide and Unify

In a recent speech, Barrack Obama pitted CEO's against workers, mortgage holders against lenders, mothers against the health care system, he took swipes at drug companies and insurance companies while talking about the differences between "Jena" justice and "Scooter Libby" justice. And then, with no apparent embarrassment, he called for unity.


Caledonia Unplugged said...

Denis - a Democrat calling for "unity" is about as meaningful as a beauty pageant contestant calling for "world peace."

They have no intention of working toward the goal, but are well aware that if they don't have that "kumbaya" soundbite...they're toast!

Caledonication said...

I hope he bought the world a Coke.

gopfolk said...

He's staring to sound like Edwards with his "two Americas."

Nemo said...

Caledonication, was that a subtle drug reference? If so bravo! Very clever! I'm covetous of your prose.

An ambulance chaser, a first time Senator, and a Crook: is this the weakest field of candidates ever for a major party?