Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Self Hatred?

Condoleezza Rice is self-hating black woman. She was the worst National Security Adviser in modern times. She is incompetent. She may secretly harbor a fantasy that President Bush is her husband. She was put on a pedastal by her parents and "she can't see down from there." She was not allowed to associate with underclass blacks and she once chided a friend for acting "niggerish."

No, I don't hate Condoleezza Rice and I am not on the KKK's mailing list. I got this info from a publication that aims to serve the African American community.


colt said...

What one?

Denis Navratil said...

Fair question Colt. I left out the name of the publication for a reason, hoping to demonstrate the tendency of some organizations, that purportedly serve African Americans, to be quite hostile to some in their ranks, namely conservative African Americans.

Dropzone said...

im getting popcorn and sitting back to watch the onslaught here...

Caledonication said...

I see the book from where these remarks were made. I also see that the author is a black male. Although I'm not sure which organization you are referring to, I thought he worked for Newsweek. What is even more interesting to me is the "additional" commentary that I found on the interweb regarding Condoleezza (and this book) by other blacks on blogs, forums, etc.

Whoa!! She may as well have been excommunicated from the Church of Blackdom. Not only does she serve whitey, she does it knowingly, for no other reason than to promote herself.

Sigh, when I was reading about her, the picture forming in my mind were phrases like, “what you can believe, you can achieve” and “if you can dream it, you can become it.”
From poking around I learned a few things about Condoleezza Rice that I didn’t know. She really was a very accomplished and educated woman. Too bad some can’t even appreciate that aspect of her life. Instead, she is accused of “denying her culture”. Huh… seems to me she was presenting a very respectable model for anyone, and a great example of overcoming the barriers (real or imagined) of being black and/or a woman.

Man, all this time I thought that I was the one keeping her down.

Denis Navratil said...

Caledon, the info came from a book review. I read several reviews of the book-I think it is called "Twice as Good"- most of which suggested that the author was for the most part fair in his characterization of Rice. But the reviewer I borrowed from evidently cherry picked the most damaging info about Rice. The question to ponder is why would a book reviewer who works for a publication that caters to blacks choose to portray Rice in the most negative light possible. The answer is I suppose obvious in that blacks who do not toe the party line will in some cases be shunned, even if they are in every other way a remarkable and accomplished person. It is very sad that blacks who dare to think for themselves or challenge conventional wisdom essentially have to prepare to be ostracized.

Anonymous said...

'Uncle Tom' or 'Step and Fetch It' may be terms to use.

If you watch MsGlaughlin One on One, he reran a 9 year old program where an elite born author discussed with a black professor about this issue.

For your information, as they reported, 'house negroes', those lite skinned negroes, usually the offspring of the master raping a slave, were the blacks who worked in the masters house.

The dark negroes were the 'field negroes'.

As history reports.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that blacks who dare to think for themselves or challenge conventional wisdom essentially have to prepare to be ostracized.

This comment is merely propaganda.

Nemo said...

Wrong again dear Anon, that comment is merely reality.

Conscious Thought said...

This is an interesting conversation, and I'll delve into it a little further, which maybe another issue altogether, but I do think it has relevance to he discussion. The reality is that black conservatives do exist, some would argue the numbers are even increasing.

But this phenomon also has another stark reality, and this reality is that throughout the century or so of the republican party's existence, they've never promoted a black candidate to the presidency. A serious contender. Even if one was to consider Alan Keyes as a serious contender, it would only equal 1 person in the past 100 years for the party.

The highly regarded, and well-respected politically conservative Colin Powell didn't even get a nod or consideration.

Denis, Caledon, Anon, what are your takes on why these realities exist?

Denis Navratil said...

CTW, I am not a spokesman for the Repiblican Party, but I will take a shot at your question nonetheless. Re Colin Powell, I suspect that he would have received substantial support for a presidential run but my understanding is that he and his wife did not want to go for it. I can't say I blame him. Allen Keyes, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton etc... were all extreme long shots for the presidency, so one could argue that Obama is the first candidate with some African heritage to be a legit contender for the presidency. As such, there is hardly a significant disparity between the parties on the advancement of black candidates. That said, black conservatives may well have a tougher go than black liberals as my original post would suggest. Good question CTW, what are your thoughts?