Sunday, January 13, 2008

The JT and Leadership

State Representative Robin Vos has offered a plan to fund KRM. In a nutshell, the plan would put the decision in the hands of voters, via referendum.

The Journal Times editorial board suggests that Vos' move "hardly qualifies as leadership."

Now suppose that Robin Vos, elected as a fiscal conservative, decided to ignore the constituents who elected him, abandon his convictions, cozy up to special interests, and more or less disenfranchise those folks who believe that KRM will be a big mistake? Now would that make him a leader in the eyes of the JT? You bet it would.

Let's face it. If you are a fiscal conservative, the JT will never consider you a leader.


Anonymous said...

Fiscal Conservative - another term for 'law of the jungle'.

Or, as fiscally conservative at GW Bush...the 'debt' president/republican/conservative.

Things are not as they seem.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, if you are anon, nobody ever considers your comments.

Turds, pretty much seem to be turds.

csfta said...

We go to war without public referenda - spending thousands of lives and billions of taxpayer dollars. Leadership, albeit sometimes misguided.

We have referenda on our leadership every 2 to 6 years called elections, in the interim leadership is in the job description of our representatives.

Open and honest - if you believe a referendum helps your cause you support the use of it, if you believe it weakens your cause you oppose it. It's a tactic, one that contradicts the idea of representative government.

What would you think if a football player fair caught a punt and immediately asked to do a free kick?

Denis Navratil said...

Thanks for your comment csfta. I don't understand your question about the football thing, so I don't know how to answer. I don't mean to dodge the question.

Referenda shenanigans are part of politics, that is for sure. Does Robin Vos support KRM? It seems that he is not a big fan. But he is trying to give citizens an opportunity to vote in favor of it if that is what they want. Is this just a political stunt to stave off challengers in the next election? Perhaps so.