Thursday, January 10, 2008

Polite Upstanding Conservatives Crush Baby Killing Commies

Well I thought we could have a nice vitriol free social gathering tonight, and it was shaping up that way until the extremely left wing socialist "Pete" declared that I have a political perspective. So I figured I would show him some straight up, down the middle reporting, something a Marxist like him wouldn't know a damn thing about. So here goes. The evening started with the conservatives offering their seats to the ladies and the ladylike liberal men, buying drinks and engaging in polite conversation. Well that came to a screeching halt when Concrete Katie decided to abort a child, citing the positive affects the act would have on the environment. An argument ensued, and fisticuffs were narrowly avoided when the commies offered to appease the conservatives by sacrificing Michael Gibson, who's bloodied corpse can be found under the pool table. Now, if anyone has any other recollections from the evening, please chime in.


Pariah Jeep said...

The part I liked best was when we started grooming each other's pet monkeys.

Nemo said...

I agree that the monkey grooming was the hit of the evening. Afterward though, I was saddened by the reality that the many who were not there could be waking this morning with shabby, unkempt monkeys. Oh the shame.

Urban Pioneer said...

Good Morning Denis,
Thanks for the drinks and conversation last night.

Here's that website I was referring to:

A great first stop in the morning, variety of editorials and poll results every day.

MrsNemo said...


Thanks again for the libations last night. The long and harrowing trip was worth it. We will be returning to Racine's downtown in the future...just not sure when.

Wow, my monkey's never been so well groomed.

MoonGoddess said...

I missed the darn monkees? Man, I love their music. That's what happens when you're not paying attention. I also missed the brawl. Bananas.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a group that I did not want to meet...or I would have.

Caledonication said...

Obviously a group that I did not want to meet...or I would have.

Thank you for sparing everyone from being embarassed, both for you and for being seen in public with you.

And once again you contradict yourself; seeing how you just couldn't stay away.

We saved the remaining reference for you, as you were obviously the only one in attendance who is perpetually "spanking the monkey".

concrete katie said...

I would never abort a baby.

I learned something vital too. Conservatives like to talk about puppets having sex.

Actually I had a good time and everyone was nice to me despite my being different. Even Mr. Urban Pioneer who has beautiful hair.

colt said...

I am sorry to have missed it, but I am not young anymore and Bunny Training takes more out of me then it used to. Hell being a film maker.
Side note the 50-100 Million $$$
with Depp and Bale is being made in It came from lake michigan's director's home town.

Denis Navratil said...

Thanks one and all for a fun evening. Liberals and conservatives can get along.

Urban Pioneer said...

For more information on puppet sex please see Team America, from the writers/ producers of South Park. Very funny and very irreverent, ***caution to parents!!! If you'd like to see Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, and the rest of the looney left faced with the results they could bring upon themselves, it's hilarious!!
And Katie thanks for the Hair compliment :^). Now you know why Hat's are not my thang.