Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's for the Children

The Ozaukee Ice Association got $300,000 in site improvements, and a 38 year interest free "loan" from Ozaukee county taxpayers to fund their ice arena. Now the association wants to add a second sheet of ice in order to "keep the operation viable." To keep this operation viable, the association is asking for debt forgiveness on the $500,000.

"It's a moral issue" associate vice president Gary Wickert told supervisors. "You're not just saying no to a second sheet of ice... you're saying no to all these children."

I love this response from Ozaukee County Supervisor Joe Dean: "It is a moral issue... You have a moral obligation to pay back to $500,000 the county loaned to you."

We could use a Joe Dean in Racine.

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Caledonication said...

The title of this topic prompted me to comment, because I did it for the children. Ten weeks ago my wife delivered our fourth child. I never thought I could do it, but I broke down and bought us a mi... a mi... a minivan. There, I said it. I bought a minivan. **sigh** I am now an official member of the soccer mom club. So, I did the only thing I could to make me feel like I wasn't completely castrating myself. I got one with a carbon fiber look console and the biggest damn engine possible. Heck, I might even give her my Durango and drive the M.V. myself (M.V. for man vehicle, instead of minivan).

Call it a moral obligation.