Friday, February 01, 2008

Blaming Victims

Rosie Carothers went to work on June 4th of last year. It was not a good day. She was shot at her bar when she asked a customer to leave. And she might lose her liquor license because of this incident.

"Who else is going to be responsible?" asks Racine Alderman Q.A. Shakoor, chair of the Racine Public Safety and Licensing Committee. Apparently not the shooter.

Suppose Rosie had been raped instead of shot. Should she still lose her license?


Concerned for Caledonia said...

An independent businesswoman is victimized twice! Once by the patron/shooter whom she tried to remove from her premises and secondly by city government because they have no one else to blame! Go Figure!

Is that being business-friendly, Alderman Shakoor II?

Jennafer said...

more anti business from the city council. Since certain people on that committee do not drink they want to close all the bars and make this a bible belt

Caledonication said...

I think Alderman Shakoor should be gang-raped; then jailed, fined and stripped of his office for lewd sexual conduct.

colt said...

And the City Haul is still open after both minors and guns found inside? Hello Hello?

Best for Racine said...

Could it be that former City of Racine AFSCME union leader Lenny Hand is the proprietor of "City Haul"?

And this is an election year.

Anybody going to check the contributors list of candidates who have opposition?