Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Save the Children

A Case High School teacher laments, in a JT letter, that "teachers are blamed for a society that fails children before they even get to school." Children are poor, can't afford college, they don't know what to do as adults, some face the difficulty of family illness and still others have "an addictive parent" that holds them back. Teachers can't "heal all the broken children" but they do "yeoman's work encouraging children from both good as well as broken or destroyed families to do the best they can." Pettit is proud of the successes of teachers.

And he concludes by asking the reader "How are you helping at your house?"

Oh that is an easy one. I am keeping my son as far away from whining, ineffective, hypersensitive, praise-deprived, excuse-making, blame-projecting teachers as I possibly can.


Caledonication said...

Ok, but what are you doing about your email?

Anonymous said...

It's not society that fails them, it's their parents.

I for one am sick of the crack smoking, gang-banging unfit parents of this community blaming racism when their kids can't keep up with middle class kids in school.

Anonymous said...

All this pent up anger and aggression might stem from the humiliating defeat you suffered up in Milwaukee over the holidays.
Perhaps you can redeem yourself in March.

Harry Paratestes