Sunday, February 10, 2008

Walk This Way

The city of Waterford recently received a $57,000 Department of Transportation grant to encourage children to walk. Read it about it here:

Waterford's gum chewing grant application is pending.


Urban Pioneer said...

How many solar panels would $57,000.00 have bought on our local schools??? Maybe giving all this money to the Fed. Govt, so they can dole it out is a dumb idea!!!

Pariah Jeep said...

You obviously don't understand the simple facts so I'll spell it out in small words. I watched a YouTube video that explained how it was all George Bush's fault and wrote a paper. I got an A so I must be brilliant. And I am for change, just like Obama - sort of like that basketball player, interviewed a few years ago, said: "he's gonna turn this country around 360 degrees".